2000 Badwater Ultramarathon Entrant Biographies, H-Mc

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James Hamilton
San Diego, California, USA
Occupation: real estate broker
Birthday: July 29, 1943, Age: 56
Number of Years: 15
Number of Marathons: 30+

Previous Badwater Racing: 1998 and 1999 Badwater completion
Previous Badwater Clinic 1998 - 3

Ultra Run Experience: Angeles Crest 100, 1999 I ran 70 miles with an ankle injury

Weird Experience: Badwater, according to my crew, I was hallucinating. Of course, I don't remember!

Challenge: Elkhorn 100K, my first and most memorable.

Why: Helps me with my business challenges

Why Badwater: to break 40 hours

Tim Hewitt
Greensburg, PA, USA
Occupation: lawyer
Birthday: 10-18-54, Age: 45
Number of Years: 25
Number of Marathons: 45

Ultra Run: hardrock 1999 leadville 1998 W.S. 1997 Iditasport 100 2/19/2000 winner C.R.IL

Ultra Run Experience: Laurel Highlands Trail Race was my first ultra 5+ years ago. I had never run beyond a marathon and was attempting this 70 mile race. I did not even know an ultrarunner but I instinctively knew that quitting was not an option. Only Clifton beat me. Since then I have learned a things.

Weird Experience: Vermont 100 A few years ago I was the first to reach an unmanned aid station. When I saw a bag of
M&Ms I knew that that was exactly what I needed. Try as I might I was unable to open the bag with me sweaty hands. I longed for those unattainable M&Ms for the rest of the race.

Challenge: HRH 1999: I sprained my ankle pretty bad early in the race and got nautious. I did not eat or drink anything except snow and stream water from about mile 30 on. Even water from my camelback and water bottles had that plastic taste which immediately caused me to dry heave. At about 72 miles I sprained the same ankle again. It was a very challenging day and a half. More acclimitaztion might help with the stomach.

Why: Because I love running.

Why Badwater: Because I am still searching for my limits.

Resume: 2000 Iditasport 100 winner current record holder
1999 Laurel Highlands Trail Race 70 miles winner
1999 JFK Masters winner
1999 50k USATF GNC National Championship 6th
1999 named as alternate to U>S> 100K team (also in 1998)
1999 HRH finisher 36:18
1999 Age winner columbus and pittsburgh marathons
1999 Bull Run Run Masters Winner North division 50 mile more of the same in prior years.

Errol S. Jones
Oakland, California, USA
Occupation: remodeling contractor
Birthday: 12-9-49, Age: 50
Number of Years: 32
Number of Marathons: 70

Previous Badwater Racing: 1996: 5th place, 42:56:28
Previous Badwater Crewing: Paced George Staub July 1994

Ultra Run Experience: Western States 100/1991 because it was my 1st 100 mile finish. Western States 100/1994 because it was my 1st sub 24:00 finish. Badwater 1996: because of the majesty of the desert and the mental and physical demand it takes to complete it. The Grand Slam 1998: because of the bond that was formed or strengthened by my crew, pacers, and supporters, as well as the other fellow grand slammers that year. I ascended another mental and physical level that year.

Challenge: The Grand Slam of Ultra Running: 1998, starting with Western States, followed by Vermont, Leadville, and finishing with Wasatch, stretched me to the limits of my mental and physical prowess to date. I learned where running is concerned I can accomplish whatever I want to if I really put my mind to it.

Why: I run ultras because they satisfy the primordial aspect of myself. I’m enthralled by the beauty and challenge of the wilderness setting in which ultra take place. And I’m especially jazzed with the sense of camaraderie and family that exists among ultrarunners.

Why Badwater: To experience the beauty and strangeness of the desert once again and to surpass my performance of 1996 which I know was sub-par, but acceptable. And because I’m certifiable like most ultrarunners.

Mick Justin
Nisswa, MN, United States
Occupation: Certified Public Accountant
Birthday: March 7, 1948, Age: 52
Number of Years: 14
Number of Marathons: 24

Previous Badwater Racing: 5 times '94 8th, 96 6th, 97 5th, 99 19th

Ultra Run: Badwater 5 times. Leadville 3 times - 2 DNF's
Ultra Run Experience: 22:50 at '98 Kettle Moraine 100 Mile at 50 yrs. Shows what you can do when things go right (for a change)

Weird Experience: Black bear ran into the side of my truck at Whitney Portals near the end of the 1996 Badwater race when my sister was driving and crewing for me. It sprung the door and I had to listen to the wind all the way back to Minnesota.

Challenge: All the Badwater races have been challenging especially during the years that were the hottest. I will be doing Hardrock in 2000 so that could prove to be very challenging, also.

Why: As an intergral part of the universe, we go where the program says we go.

Why Badwater: To see how much misery I can endure and to improve my previous PR at 38+

Dean Karnazes
San Francisco, CA, USA
Occupation: Business Executive
Birthday: 08/23/62, Age: 37
Number of Years: 20
Number of Marathons: 10

Previous Badwater Racing: ONE FINISH, ONE DNF


Ultra Run Experience: BADWATER. MOST INTENSE.







Resume: I really don't have a formal resume. Here are some of the events I've completed:

Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run (5 times)
Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run
Napa-to-Santa Cruz Relay (198 miles solo, 3 times)
The Dipsea, Double Dipsea, and the Quad Dipsea
The Napa 50
Skyline 50
Headlands 50
What MiWok 100K
Bolinas Ridge 50
Alcatraz Sharkfest (extreme swimming event across the San Francisco Bay)

Joey Kelly
Meine, Niedersachsen, Germany
Occupation: Music
Birthday: 20. December 1972, Age: 27 Years
Number of Years: 10 Years
Number of Marathons: 12
Ultra Run: 11 Ironmans (Finisher), 1 Ultraman Hawaii

Ultra Run Experience: The Ultraman Race, I did place 6 overall, for me that was the win!

Weird Experience: All Ultra events are good

Challenge: The Ultraman for it's the wind

Why: For my life

Why Badwater: For my wife

Bill Koppenheffer
Chalfont, PA, USA
Occupation: Audit Manager
Birthday: 06-13-53, Age: 47
Number of Years: 19
Number of Marathons: 32

Ultra Run: I've done a few 50Ks in the Summer heat and humidity, plus several tries at Old Dominion.

Ultra Run Experience: Vermont 100 Mile, 1993. My best 100 Mile performance ever in 20:50. A race where I never had any serious problems.

Weird Experience: I haven't had any that I would consider weird. I did run a Sri Chinmoy 24 Hour at Flushing Meadow in NY one time where I was 40 minutes late due to getting stuck in NY Mets traffic. I actually worked myself into the top 10 before quitting at 100. Should have kept going.

Challenge: Every 100 Mile race is challenging to me because my training is on the relatively low side, therefore a 100 Miler will almost always bring problems sooner or later, I just can't predict how soon.

Why: I'm too slow to run anything else. The trail runs keep me in ultrarunning.

Why Badwater: The pure challenge of it. I'd like to be able to say I conquered one of the most unforgiving places on Earth.

Other Exp.: None. I have done a few Centuries on the bike.

Anatoly Kruglikov, 42, Citizen of the Roslavl town, Smolenskaia oblast, Russia

Total number of marathons and ultramarathons
marathon: 25
50Mi: 4
100Km: 15
24-hours: 15
More than 24 hours: 4

Master of the Sports of International grade. Started to run ultra long marathons since 1990. Before he was specializing in a cross country ski racing, where achieved the results of the Master of Sport. A graduate of the Smolensky College of physical culture. A sixfold champion of Russia in a 24 hour race. He is the holder of the national records in a 24-hour race at a stadium (276 km) and on a highway (269 km). A winner of the European plate and an open championship of France.

David Kutcipal
Boulder, CO, USA
website: http://pages.hotbot.com/family/kutcipal
Occupation: UNIX System Administrator
Birthday: 12/08/68, Age: 31
Number of Years: 10
Number of Marathons: 10

Ultra Run: Completed the 1998 Leadville 100 on my first attempt (27hrs 17min). I have also completed in one 24 hour race and a 6 hour.

Ultra Run Experience: Leadville 100 1998 - This was my first attempt and finish at this distance. It was a great feeling seeing the sun sun come up for the second time and the finish line in the distance.

Weird: Denver 6 hour Run Fall 1997 – Six hours of running in an industrial park on a 1.5+ mile loop just west of Denver. I completed 38.2 miles during the six hours.

Challenge: Mile High 24hr Summer 1997 - This was my first attempt at a race over 50 miles. I was not prepared
mentally for the challenges that occur after 8 hours of running. I completed 72 miles in 18 hours.

Why: For both the physical and mental challenge.

Why Badwater: I want to be challenged by both the heat and the distance.

Ivan Labutin, 41. Citizen of the Vyazniki town, Vladimirskaia oblast, Russia

Total number of marathons and ultramarathons
marathon: 46
50Mi: 0
100Km: 15
24-hours: 13
More than 24 hours: 1

Works as a Sport manager at the local plant of illuminating armature. Master of Sport of international grade. Started to run ultra long marathons since 1990. A holder of European plate 1995 in a 48-hour race. His result (518 km) has remained matchless so far. He is a holder of the third result in a 24-hour race in Russia at a stadium (267 km).

Bob Lapanja
El Dorado Hills, CA, USA
Occupation: Construction
Birthday: 1-1-54, Age: 46
Number of Years: 6
Number of Marathons: 43
50k- 19
50mi- 17
100km- 4
100mi- 2
100mi+- 2

Previous Badwater Racing: 1998 - 54:37, 1999 - 37:51
Previous Badwater Clinic April, May , 1998

Ultra Run: Western States 1997 and 1998

Ultra Run Experience: Badwater 7-99 -- Cutting 17 hours off my 1998 time

Weird Experience: Badwater 7-99 -- faces of Disney characters on rocks as I started the climb to the Portals

Challenge: Badwater 7-98 -- At 41 miles, experiencing severe heat exhaustion, dehydration and body cramps - knowing I had 94 more to go - I believe the experience made me a true ultrarunner

Why: The enjoyment of the scenery - the comradery of fellows ultrarunners – the thrill of running for more than 4 hours - and it gives my wife a chance to travel and meet new people (fellow crew persons)

Why Badwater: To better my 1999 time and prove that my 1999 time was not a fluke

Frank MacMillan
Silver Spring, MD, USA
Occupation: System Engineer
Birthday: 20 May 54, Age: 46
Number of Years: 24
Number of Marathons: 50

Previous Badwater Crewing: Crew for Kawika during his double in 99. Went up Whitney Previous Badwater Clinic

Ultra Run: 21 years of running ultras mostly in the south

Ultra Run Experience: Finishing Old Dominion in 1979 because it was my first.

Weird: During a 300k run around Maui we saw a ghost of a girl sitting in front of a church. The runner in front of me saw her, too. When we got closer there was just a small memorial against a wall.

Challenge: 1998 Malama Run - 228 miles in Hawaii. I DNF'd at 180 miles in 96. Came back in 98 and ran more carefully. Won race by 5 hours.

Why: Because they are hard. I believe they temper the mind and body for all challenges in life.

Why Badwater: Because it's really hard. I want the challenge of correct planning and preparation in terms of support, pace, diet, clothing, etc which I believe is the real difference in finishing.

Resume: Best 10k - 37:16, Marathon: 2:59:56, 50m - 7:30, 100k - 10:30, 100m - 22:45.

Dixie A. Madsen
San Diego, Ca, USA
Occupation: Retired Nurse
Birthday: 02-26-37, Age: 63
Number of Years: 18
Number of Marathons: 68
50k-20 at least
100mi-20 (finished 16)
100mi+- 0

Previous Badwater Crewing: Crew & pacer for Jim Hamilton 1999

Ultra Run: 24 hour run in Seattle (broke 7 American Records, not ratified because of no cones on the curb of the track) 24 hour race in San Diego 11/20/99 broke sam 7 American Records for women 60-64 (they were ratified by the board last Friday) Broke American Records (50K /50 Miler /100K in 1997) for women 60-64, on the road, also hold the 50K/50Mile/ 24 hour American Records for Women 60-64 on the track, along with the 7 I broke this month from the 15K to 20miler.

Ultra Run Experience: Angeles Crest 100 miler in 1997 (29:18:01) Because I was 60 years old and I won the Rhino award for the first master runner to finish the race.

Challenge: In 1994 in my first 100 first part of June at Old Dominion (on the way to finishing 6 100 mile races in 4 months time, I had terrible blisters on both of my feet at 20 miles, I was fighting them along with the Marines at the age stations telling me if I gained one more pound that they would pull me from the race, thus killing all of a years plan and training to complete 6 100 milers in one summer, I had to strip off all of my clothes out in the bushes going into the medical aid station, my husband was there with racing flats and very light shorts and shirt and I went into the aid station was down 1 pound from previous aid station, sat down put my regular shoes on changed back into warmer clothes (this was at night) and go on with the race, because of the blisters I was facing cut off times at the end and I had to use every power within myself to make it with minutes to spare, but I made it, this was one of the most spiritual experiences that I and my crew have ever had while running 100 milers, and I had to look deep within my soul to do this, then went on with 5 more 100's with blisters breaking through at about 30 miles with each of the following 5, because I only had 2 or 3 weeks between them and not enough time for the balls of my feet to get there callous back (took two years to do that)

Why: Running Ultras gives me a since of accomplishments and keeps me in touch with powers that are beyond us and many times in these events, and they make me a stronger person inwardly.

Why Badwater: I believe it is something that I can do and I know that I will be a better person for taking my body to a different experience.

Other Exp.: I competed as a bodybuilder for 5 years in my 50's and hold the California Masters Title for 1988, and Ms San Diego for 1988 in Bodybuilding.

William Curt Maples
Oxnard, CA, USA
Occupation: Major, United States Marine Corps
Birthday: 16 Sep 1963, Age: 36
Number of Years: 18
Number of Marathons: 1

Previous Badwater Racing: 3 attempts: 1 completion, 1997, 45:15, 11th place; well acquainted with the course!

Ultra Run: Wasatch 100: 5 completions. Leadville 100: 1 completion. Old Dominion 100: 1 completion. Rocky Raccoon 100: 1 completion. Angeles National Forest 100k, Aug 99. High Desert Classic, 97, 98. Cuyamaca 50K, 97, 98, 99. Leona Divide 50miler, 99. San Juan Trail 50, 98. Moonshadow Rose 35miler, 96.

Ultra Run Experience: Badwater 1997! Ultimate sense of accomplishment. Many problems but still finished! Or Rocky Raccoon 1998- best performance for 100 miles: 17:53, 5th overall, everything worked!

Weird Experience: Waking up face down in the middle of the trail during Wasatch 1997. Don’t know what happened!

Challenge: Badwater 1997. Overcame heat, high winds, fatigue, bleeding thighs, and had to sidestep most of the way up Whitney Portals road after hyperextending my left knee. Also my crew threatened to shoot me and leave my carcass for the buzzards if I quit.

Why: For the challenge: if I wanted a sure bet, I would be running 5K’s!

Why Badwater: Strong desire for personal redemption! I did not finish in 1999 and I am determined to go the distance in 2000.

Jean-Paul Mazaud
Carmel, California, USA (France)
Occupation: carpenter
Birthday: 1-16-1952, Age: 48
Number of Years: 9
Number of Marathons: 15
100mi+- 107mi (24hrs) and 330mi (6 days)

Ultra Run: Leadville 100, Colorado. Western States 100. I’ve trained quite a bit in the Sierras/Rockies. Heat training in Death Valley (marathon) and I’ve experienced lots of training in 100 degree+ in various Northern California regions.

Ultra Run Experience: 1) My first Western States 100 in 1997. 22:16. I just wanted to finish in 30 hours. I felt great. 2) Jedediah Smith 50k in 1997. 3:38. First time I ran under three hours for the marathon. I was very pleased.

Challenge: 6 days in Mesa, Arizona, around the track, December 26, 1999 to Jan 1, 2000. A real challenge trying to put the most miles. I missed an entire day (flu) and finished with 330 miles.

Why: The personal satisfaction and achievement. It’s so very challenging at times but so rewarding at the finish. I believe it also helps in all other aspects of my life.

Why Badwater: The challenge. Because I’ve felt the achievment of marathons, 50k, 50mi, 100k, 100miles, even around a track for 6 days and I really enjoy the extreme hot temp. I believe I can do it even though it may be the biggest challenge yet. Few percentage of the population would ever consider something quite like this. I will have planned, prepared for this for two years I have tried to enter the race. I feel that I am qualified to do it.

Other Exp.: I’ve played competitive soccer in France (semi-pro), in America, and Madagascar (1 year). I’ve done a lot of cycling in France.

Jack McBroom
Hemet, California, USA
Occupation: high school science teacher
Birthday: 11-11-56, Age: 43
Number of Years: 28
Number of Marathons: 3

Ultra Run Experience: The 1999 Rocky Racoon 100 because I did it right. Although a bit sick at mile 55, I stopped for over half an hour and rehydrated while runners drifted past. Then I got up and feeling better ran well the remainder of the race and finished 6th overall with a personal best of 19:13!!!!(a 7 hour PR)

Weird Experience: In the Western States 100 in 1998, I fell asleep while running and ended up in a bush beside the trail. My pacer was horrified while I laid there laughing at what had just happened. Even my ultrarunning friends are amazed that such a thing is possible. I just wish I could now remember what I was dreaming about....

Challenge: The Western States 100 in 1998. It was my first 100 and I did everything wrong. From not drinking enough, to leaving my jacket behind during the night...I learned how to throwup really well. My feet had huge blisters. But I had decided that finishing was very important and so pushed on for a time of 26:36. I was totally humbled by that race and respect anyone who finishes it.

Why: I enjoy running for the physical play. I like trails and dirt roads...and mountains. But I run Ultra races for the competition. I know in some circles thats kindof thought to be crude or shallow but for me the fun of competition is it. I can and do run for spiritual reasons in my daily workouts and I don't have to pay entry fees for that!

Why Badwater: This race is just absolutely absurd! It is SO absurd that it has gotten me obsessed. Besides, it sounds
like one hell of a party!

Other Exp.: My first love is climbing. I've done El Capitan 7 times as well as big wall climbs in Canada, Washington and the High Sierra. I've also been up Mt.Rainier 6 times (including a car-to-car one day ascent), Baker twice, and even been up Mt.McKinley in Alaska. Some of my most intense climbs have been ice climbs in the Sierra. The Sunday before this years Rocky Racoon 100 I went to Joshua Tree and free soloed over 2,000 feet of technical rock.

Scott McQueeney
Oregon City, OR, USA
Occupation: Self employed Computer Networking
Birthday: 11-4-55, Age: 44
Number of Years: 10
Number of Marathons: 10

Ultra Run: Solo double crossing of the Grand Canyon 99', Paced 37 miles at Leadville 99'.

Ultra Run Experience: Oct 12, 99 Solo double crossing of the Grand Canyon 13:49. Temp on the rim 37 degrees, temp in the Canyon 97. What a spectacular run, the view was breathtaking. I had been there once as a child and had seen many pictures but to actually run from Yaki Point to the North Rim and return to the South Rim was a true adventure. The people on the trail were an inspiration. The highlight was a 70 year old man running solo from rim to rim on his birthday as a present to himself.

Weird Experience: Pacific Rim 24 hour run, March 20-21, 1999. Getting sick from mile 20 to 80 and still moving forward. Put my finger down my throat as my coach Scott Weber had suggested and was amazed how well I felt afterward. Went on to run 111 miles. Did not realize I could feel that bad for that long and turn around to recover feeling so good.

Challenge: Magen’s 24 hour run. Had planned on running 100 miles in 24 hours. Did not have any plan for pace, hydration or food. It rained for 9 of the eleven hours I ran. After 9 hours I was pulled from the track and put in the first aid tent. 45 minutes later I returned to make it to the 50mile mark. 2 months latter I hired Scott Weber as a coach and have learned how to plan a run and run the plan.

Why: The simplest reason I can think of is I do it because I can. I enjoy the challenge of going beyond what is considered reasonable by most. I learned how to meditate and reach places in my mind that I could never obtain by sitting still.

Why Badwater: I love to run in the heat! I plan my runs in the middle of the day if I know it is going to be 90+. I had planned on doing Badwater solo but from my experience doing the Grand Canyon double solo I found out some interesting things. While running I wanted to share in the experience with others and found no one there to talk to for many hours. And when I did talk to people they did not relate to what I was doing. It was like watching a good movie, laughing, and turning to share the moment but realize you are all alone. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy running alone but at times would like to share with someone that understands the highs and lows that always come. Badwater has been my dream for the last year. I think about it over and over. I want to feel what I have read and dreamt about. I would also like to run it as a fundraiser for United Cerebral Palsy. My brother has Cerebral Palsy and is an inspiration to me that with work and faith anything is possible.

Charity: United Cerebral Palsy