AdventureCORPS Presents the
2000 Badwater Ultramarathon

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Scott McQueeney
Oregon City, OR, USA
Occupation: Self employed Computer Networking
Birthday: 11-4-55, Age: 44
Number of Years: 10
Number of Marathons: 10

Ultra Run: Solo double crossing of the Grand Canyon 99', Paced 37 miles at Leadville 99'.

Ultra Run Experience: Oct 12, 99 Solo double crossing of the Grand Canyon 13:49. Temp on the rim 37 degrees, temp in the Canyon 97. What a spectacular run, the view was breathtaking. I had been there once as a child and had seen many pictures but to actually run from Yaki Point to the North Rim and return to the South Rim was a true adventure. The people on the trail were an inspiration. The highlight was a 70 year old man running solo from rim to rim on his birthday as a present to himself.

Weird Experience: Pacific Rim 24 hour run, March 20-21, 1999. Getting sick from mile 20 to 80 and still moving forward. Put my finger down my throat as my coach Scott Weber had suggested and was amazed how well I felt afterward. Went on to run 111 miles. Did not realize I could feel that bad for that long and turn around to recover feeling so good.

Challenge: Magen’s 24 hour run. Had planned on running 100 miles in 24 hours. Did not have any plan for pace, hydration or food. It rained for 9 of the eleven hours I ran. After 9 hours I was pulled from the track and put in the first aid tent. 45 minutes later I returned to make it to the 50mile mark. 2 months latter I hired Scott Weber as a coach and have learned how to plan a run and run the plan.

Why: The simplest reason I can think of is I do it because I can. I enjoy the challenge of going beyond what is considered reasonable by most. I learned how to meditate and reach places in my mind that I could never obtain by sitting still.

Why Badwater: I love to run in the heat! I plan my runs in the middle of the day if I know it is going to be 90+. I had planned on doing Badwater solo but from my experience doing the Grand Canyon double solo I found out some interesting things. While running I wanted to share in the experience with others and found no one there to talk to for many hours. And when I did talk to people they did not relate to what I was doing. It was like watching a good movie, laughing, and turning to share the moment but realize you are all alone. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy running alone but at times would like to share with someone that understands the highs and lows that always come. Badwater has been my dream for the last year. I think about it over and over. I want to feel what I have read and dreamt about. I would also like to run it as a fundraiser for United Cerebral Palsy. My brother has Cerebral Palsy and is an inspiration to me that with work and faith anything is possible.

Charity: United Cerebral Palsy