2000 Badwater Ultramarathon Entrant Biographies, A-D

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Robert Thurber
Houston, TX, USA
Occupation: Executive
Birthday: 4-15-47, Age: 53
Number of Years: 14
Number of Marathons: 7

Previous Badwater Racing: 1998
Previous Badwater Clinic 1998 and 1999

Ultra Run: Texas, Florida, Alabama

Ultra Run Experience: Badwater 1998--The contestants, the course, the crew, and most of all Badwater Ben and First Lady Denise!

Weird Experience: From Townes Pass to Panimint Valley I kept thinking that the sealant on the road was rattlesnakes!

Challenge: Badwater 1998. My feet lost all 11 layers of skin

Why: Most things in life I know, but in an ultra you never know.

Why Badwater: Because Badwater did me in 1998, and I was injuried 3 weeks to Badwater 1999.

Eugene Trahern
Brier, WA, USA
Occupation: Structural/Earthquake Engineer
Birthday: October 28, 1962, Age: 37
Number of Years: 25
Number of Marathons: 20

Ultra Run: Heat: Western States 100, Mohican 100; Altitude: Hardrock 100, Leadville 100

Ultra Run Experience: Pacific Crest Trail - Stevens Pass to Snoqualmie Pass, 70 miles of unsupported wilderness with Mark "Guide Dog" Hartinger and Ike "Legend" Hesler. First to travel route in under 1 day (18:05).

Weird Experience: Barkley Marathon 4/95. A true combination of patience, pure guts, and luck.

Challenge: Hardrock 100 7/93. Extremely tough run at altitude for a sea level runner. Lost massive weight due to nausea, but will forever remember the run as challenging and extremely beautiful. A great time.

Why: Would someone please tell me so I can stop!!!
Probably a combination of the adventure and challenge.

Why Badwater: Because it is tough and there are only a few who have completed Barkley, Hardrock and Badwater. A truly tough trifecta.


Date Race City Dist Time Place
1 6/24/79 Homestead Marathon Roseburg, OR 26.2 3:08 16th/44
2 10/26/80 Portland Marathon Portland, OR 26.2 3:00:18 2nd 18 & Under
3 2/28/81 Trails End Marathon Seaside, OR 26.2 3:24
4 5/1/88 Long Beach Marathon Long Beach, CA 26.2 3:09
5 3/4/89 Los Angeles Intl Marathon Los Angeles, CA 26.2 2:59:59 200th/14,500
6 5/7/89 Long Beach Marathon Long Beach, CA 26.2 2:49:34
7 6/1/89 Palos Verdes Marathon Rolling Hills, CA 26.2 3:18
8 3/4/90 Los Angeles Intl Marathon Los Angeles, CA 26.2 2:53 190th/16,000
9 11/24/90 Seattle Marathon Seattle, WA 26.2 2:51
10 11/30/91 Seattle Marathon Seattle, WA 26.2 2:53:28
11 11/28/92 Seattle Marathon Seattle, WA 26.2 3:10:06
12 2/20/93 Trails End Marathon Seaside, OR 26.2 3:17:26 2nd/40
13 5/21/95 Capital City Marathon Olympia, WA 26.2 2:59:01 18th/400
14 8/12/95 Crater Lake Marathon Crater Lake Natl Park, OR 26.2 3:18 8th/75
15 9/29/96 Portland Marathon Portland, OR 26.2 2:54 80th/4000
16 11/29/97 Seward Park Seattle, WA 26.2 3:21:13 2nd tie w/Scott K.
17 6/28/98 Sri Chinmoy - Myrtle Edwards Seattle, WA 26.2 3:02:47 3rd tie w/Mark H.
18 11/29/98 Seattle Marathon Seattle, WA 26.2 3:39:00 Day after 3:35 - 50km
19 12/13/98 Honolulu Marathon Honolulu, HI 26.2 6:23:32 Marci's first marathon
20 6/27/99 Sri Chinmoy - Myrtle Edwards Seattle, WA 26.2 3:04:28 1st overall
Ave time= 3:16:48

Date Race City Dist Time Place
1 4/8/89 American River Sacramento, CA 50 7:28:28 1st 20-29, 16th/400
2 8/5/89 Orange 12 Hr Run Orange, CA 76.25 12:00:00 1st/24
3 8/26/89 Mule Run Ultra Bishop, CA 31 5:18:27
9/10/89 McKenzie River 50 Blue River, OR DNF Dropped at 26.2
4 2/4/90 Pacific Crest Trail Boulder Oaks, CA 50 8:13:52 3rd/150
5 3/17/90 Malibu Trail 50 Malibu, CA 50 9:12:59 9th/150
6 6/30/90 Western States 100 Auburn, CA 100 23:39:49 1st 29&Under, 63rd/400
7 9/8/90 McKenzie River Blue River, OR 50 8:58:57 1st 29&Under
8 10/27/90 Mountain Masochist Lynchburg, VA 50 8:06:22 8th/250
9 1/5/91 A Winter Run (UCM) Seattle, WA 31 3:42:22 1st/30
10 1/26/91 Mudderfell 6 Hr Portland, OR 42.9 6:00:00 1st Open,2nd/70,20-29 record
11 3/9/91 Greater Oregon Health Service Grants Pass, OR 50 6:22:28 1st 20-29, 3rd/40
12 6/30/91 Western States 100 Auburn, CA 100 21:40:53 1st 29&Under, 39th/400
13 9/7/91 McKenzie River Blue River, OR 50 7:20:55 1st 29&Under record, 3rd/75
14 9/29/91 Megans Run - 24 Hr Portland, OR 63.9 24:00:00
15 1/4/92 Fat Ass 50 Tiger Mtn, WA 31 4:50:30 1st/30
16 1/25/92 Mudderfell 6 Hr Portland, OR 40.5 6:00:00 3rd/70
17 3/14/92 Southern Oregon Med. Ctr Grants Pass, OR 31 3:34:58 1st/30
18 5/9/92 Mauna Kea Mauna Kea S.P., HI 50 11:08 1st/25
6/28/92 Western States 100 Auburn, CA DNF Dropped at 55.7
19 7/26/92 Vermont 100 So. Woodstock, VT 100 21:43:34 54th/250
20 8/16/92 Leadville 100 Leadville, CO 100 26:25:36 3rd 29&Under, 46th/xxx
21 11/15/92 Granite Falls Granite Falls, WA 31 4:19:03 4th/25
4/1/93 Barkley 55/100 Wartsburg, TN DNF 23 miles (11 hrs)
22 5/9/93 Lower Rogue River Run Grants Pass, OR 42 6:59 For fun-1st/35
23 6/5/93 Winterhawk Portland, OR 50 7:58:10 1st Open, 4th/50
24 7/10/93 Hardrock Silverton, CO 100.6 44:37:00 21st/45
25 9/18/93 McKenzie River Blue River, OR 50 7:31:24 6th/65
26 11/14/93 Granite Falls Granite Falls, OR 31 4:29:17
27 11/20/93 JFK Hagerstown, MD 50 7:43:37 19th/450
28 1/1/94 Fat Ass 50 Tiger Mtn, WA 50 8:12 1st/2
29 3/20/94 Pacific Rim 1 Day Longview, WA 63 24:00:00
30 5/15/94 Lower Rogue River Run Grants Pass, OR 84 14:59:00 For fun-1st/35
6/1/94 Mohican 100 Loudonville, OH DNF Dropped at 54
31 11/12/94 Granite Falls Granite Falls, WA 31 4:42:40 1st/20
32 11/26/94 Seward Park Seattle, WA 31 3:51 1st/25, CR
12/31/94 Fat Ass 50 Tiger Mtn, WA DNF Dropped-twisted ankle
33 3/18/95 Pacific Rim 1 Day Longview, WA 40 24:00:00
34 4/1/95 Barkley Wartsburg, TN 60 39:24:00 5th/39, 6 finishers
5/6/95 Elk/Beaver Lake Ultra Victoria, B.C. DNF
35 6/17/95 Mohican Loudonville, OH 100 25:26:28 19th (tie)/85
9/9/95 Wasatch 100 Heber City, UT DNF Dropped at 60
36 11/11/95 Granite Falls Granite Falls, WA 31 4:29:30 3rd overall (tie)
37 11/25/95 Seward Park Seattle, WA 31 3:42:23 1st/20 tie, CR
38 12/30/95 Fat Ass 50 Tiger Mtn, WA 31 6:24:39 Dismal - Major cramps
39 1/20/96 Twilight 50km Redmond, WA 31 5:01:10 3rd overall
40 3/16/96 Pacific Rim 1 Day Longview, WA 52 24:00:00 Dropped-hurt foot at 47 miles
41 4/21/96 Falls To Gasworks Falls City, WA 52 6:55:00 2nd overall
42 6/7/96 Kettle Moraine 100 Mile Eagle, Wisc 100 20:18:00 5th overall
43 7/27/96 White River 50 Enumclaw, WA 50 10:10:00 Hot, bad cramps
44 9/7/96 McKenzie River 50 McKenzie River, OR 50 8:47:00 3rd overall
45 11/16/96 Herzog Memorial 50k Granite Falls, WA 31 4:41:50 1st overall (tie)
46 11/30/96 Seward Park Seattle, WA 31 3:38:00 1st overall
47 1/4/97 Fat Ass 50 Tiger Mtn, WA 31 6:31:00
48 4/20/97 WSU 100km Pullman, WA 62 9:32:18 2nd overall
49 6/7/97 Winterhawk Portland, OR 50 7:47:14
50 7/18/97 Sawtooth Odessy Stanley, ID 55 17:07:00
51 10/26/97 ORRC Autumn Leaves Wilsonville, OR 31 3:49:58 2nd overall
52 11/8/97 Herzog Memorial 50k Granite Falls, WA 31 4:30:20 2nd overall
53 1/3/98 Fat Ass 50 Tiger Mtn, WA 31 7:00:00
54 2/7/98 Rocky Racoon Huntsville, TX 100 19:11 11th overall - tie with Hartinger
55 3/21/98 Sri Chinmoy 50-mile Burnaby, B.C. 50 6:55:57 1st overall/25
56 5/23/98 Sri Chinmoy 24 hour Seattle, WA 33 24:00:00 Training run
57 6/6/98 Winterhawk Portland, OR 50 8:48:11 17th, helped Stuart with headwound
58 9/5/98 Eagle 100 Penticton, BC 101.8 26:10:00 3rd (tie) overall
59 11/14/98 Herzog Memorial 50k Granite Falls, WA 31 4:15:36 3rd (tie) overall
60 11/28/98 Seward Park Seattle, WA 31 3:35:05 3rd overall
61 1/2/99 Fat Ass 50 Tiger Mtn, WA 31 5:46
62 2/13/99 Jack Frost 5 hr West Linn, OR 34 5:00
63 2/27/99 Yours Truly Seattle, WA 31 4:35 Run w/ Hartinger
64 3/27/99 Chuckanut 50 km Bellingham, WA 31 5:20 13/100 - training run
65 4/10/99 American River Sacramento, CA 50 7:27 31st/700
66 5/1/99 Sunflower Double Twisp, WA 43 3:16 3:56 out
67 5/29/99 Lower Rogue River Run Grants Pass, OR 84 17:13 8:46 down, 8:27 back
68 7/17/99 Elkhorn 100km Montana City, MT 63 12:32 14th overall
69 8/21/99 Cascade Crest Classic 100 Easton, WA 100 26:52:00 2nd overall (tie)
70 9/25/99 Angeles Crest 100 Wrightwood, CA 100 30:39:00 56th overall

Total Ultra Distance = 3705.95
Average Ultra Distance = 52.94214286
Total Marathon & Ultra Dist= 4229.95

Date Event City Dist Time Place/Comments
1 7/21/95 PCT-Stevens to Snoqualmie Pacific Crest Trail, WA 65 18:05 First in one day,
w/Ike & Mark
2 8/19/95 North American Rogaine Bald Mountain, WA 24 hr 1740 pts 3rd overall, 2nd
3 3/1/97 North American Rogaine Tuscon, AZ 24 hr 2600 pts 5th overall
4 8/4/98 World Rogaine Championships Kamloops, BC 24 hr 920 pts Dropped at 7 hrs
5 11/6/99 Grand Canyon Double Crossing Grand Canyon Natl Park, AZ 41 12:50 Pulled
right quad on north rim

Ian Tripp
Morton, Bourne, Lincolnshire, England
Occupation: Royal Air Force Officer - Squadron Leader
Birthday: 10 June 1962, Age: 38
Number of Years: 18
Number of Marathons: 10

Previous Badwater Crewing: Crew leader Kate White, crewed for Cathy Tibbetts in 1999.

Ultra Run: 7 day sahara marathon (marathon des Sables), Himalayan 100 mile stage race, Comrades Ultra marathon

Ultra Run Experience: Marathon des Sables, 1997. A team of 3 ran together, a first for the Royal Air Force. Times were acceptable given the conditions. It was a good event for the race itself and because of the contacts and friends that were made. Cathy Tibbetts has been a great friend ever since. Lisa was, and is always charming!

Weird Experience: Nearly suffocating! During the Everest Marathon, the snow was not removed from the roof of the tent, and I nearly suffocated. I woke up in a what I thought was a panic attack unable to breathe. Had I not got out of bed and removed the snow, my partner and I would be dead.

Challenge: The Himalayan 100 - it was steep!

Why: Because they are fun, I enjoy them and the people are unique.

Why Badwater: It's a great race. Kate came back from the race this year and was so enthusiastic about it. It has a great reputation in the UK and is a challenge. Since the Major from the US marines struggles we know it's no easy race, but the RAF are prepared and ready to send a team of up to 3 runners and a support crew of up to 12 people.

Other Exp.: Completed Powerman, missing representing Great Britain by one place.

Resume: Trekking and climbing experience in Greenland, Iceland, Napal and the Alps. Leader of the first RAF team to enter and complete the 7 day Sahara Marathon and the Himalayan 100 mile stage race in 1997. In 1998 Ian was part of the team that became National Trail running champions who then went to South Africa to race the Comrades ultra , it was the 'up' route that year. In 1999 Ian organised and lead the first RAF team to compete in the month long Bufo Everest Marathon. A qualified member of the British Association of Emergency Medical Technicians, Ian worked and raced for 3 years in the Middle East and has visited Death Valley previously.

Marshall Ulrich
Fort Morgan, Colorado, USA
website: www.teamstraydogs.com (being built)
Occupation: businessman
Birthday: July 4, 1951, Age: 49
Number of Years: 20+
Number of Marathons: don't keep track
100mi+-89 averaging over 100+ miles

Previous Badwater Racing: 8 times Badwater Course experience, 1 solo event, 1 south to north monument crosssing--9 times from Badwater to the top of Mount Whitney
Previous Badwater Crewing: Helped crew Denise in 1995

Ultra Run: 5 Eco Challenges, 1 Raid Gauloises

Ultra Run Experience: Solo, self-contained, unaided Badwater to the top of Mount Whitney. 1999. Because it showed me more about myself than any other ultrarun and was the toughest.

Weird Experience: many, many, great experiences--if I had to name one, it would be the hallucnation of a slilver bikini clad, inline rollerbladeing, knockout babe, that skated in front of me for five minutes during the solo.

Challenge: 1999 solo. Very difficult.

Why: To see what makes me tick. And especially to be around my friends (who are my family).

Why Badwater: It can be a very spiritual, awakening process.

Other Exp.:

Iditashoe, quad pikes peak (twice), pikes peak-Leadville 100 combo (on the same weekend), leadville triple crown (100mile bicycle, run, and kayak consecutive weekends) 3 time winner run across colorado (300-325miles), death valley cup record holder (Badwater + furnace creek 508 same calender year), 5 eco challenges, 1 raid gauloises-etc.

GĂ©rard Verdenet
Montgesoye, France
Occupation: Psychomotricien
Birthday: 15/05/49, Age: 51
Number of Years: 10
Number of Marathons: 15 at the beginning

Ultra Run: In heat : 5 marathons des sables (230km in desert), Spartathlon (246 km in Greace), Transmauritanie( 323 km in desert)

Ultra Run Experience: Many because I have always finished but the best is the last marathon des sables because i have had no problem

Weird Experience: No weirdest ultrarunning but one very difficult the first marathon des sables in 91, many, many blebs on the feet.

Challenge: The last ultramarathon in Mauritanie (323 km non stop in novembre 1999) and Spartathlon (246 km non stop in september 1999)

Why: Because I like athletic challenge

Why Badwater: It's a very hard race and it's one that i have never participed

Resume: 5 marathons des sables, Spartathlon, Transmauritanie. Ultramarathons : Nepal, Sahara, Colorado, Norvege, Sikkin, Perou, Mexique, Quebec, Chine, Mongolie, Ile de la Réunion.

Charles Vincent
Rainham, Essex, England
Occupation: Commodities Trader
Birthday: 02.03.60, Age: 40 years!
Number of Years: 10
Number of Marathons: 4

Previous Badwater Racing: I had entries for both 1998 and 1999 but was unable to compete firstly through injury and last year illness. I just hope this year will be third time lucky.

Previous Badwater Crewing: In 1998 I actively crewed my friend Lloyd Scott, who had suffered from leukaemia and had undergone a bone marrow transplant to cure him of his illness. It was hard work helping Lloyd, but he was kind enough to say that he would not have made the finish line if it had not of been for my efforts. I cannot wait to get on the course as a competitor.
Previous Badwater Clinic Although I have not attended one of Ben's clinics, I did have the great pleasure of meeting him whilst crewing the 1998 race. I have also received and sent numerous e-mails and faxes to the Jones'

Ultra Run: The Marathon des Sables in 1996 and plenty of training runs in similar conditions!

Ultra Run Experience: That would have to be the 1996 Marathon des Sables. In addition to the personal challenge, there was also a great camaraderie amongst us Brits. I also rased $1 million for charity.

Challenge: Again this would be the Marathon des Sables. Due to the heat and the sand dunes. The fact that the race was in stages actually made it tougher mentally, by the fact there was always another day to punish one's body!

Why: For the challenge. It singles one out as being able to go further and beyond what most people can attain and what they think is attainable.

Why Badwater: Having crewed in 1998, I have seen for myself this is the ultimate ultra. I also want to use the event to promote the charitable foundation I have set up called STRIVE.

Other Exp.: White water rafting, Bungee jumping, Canoeing
Climbing, Heli-skiing, Ski-racing

Charity: As I mentioned earlier, The STRIVE Foundation, which I founded last year to help people from all walks of life overcome and re-establish their lives through undertaking a scheme or project. In addition to assisting them it wil also act as an inspiration to others sufering from similar circumstances.

Resume: 1996 Marathon des Sables
1997 London to Brighton - 55 miles
1998 South Downs Way - cross country 80 miles
4 London Marathons

Arthur Webb
Santa Rosa, California, USA
Occupation: Electronics Technician
Birthday: Feb 10, 1942, Age: 58
Number of Years: 22
Number of Marathons: 20+

Previous Badwater Racing: 1998--44 hours 44 minutes (9th place) 1999--33 hours 57 minutes (4 place tie)

Ultra Run: Western States 100-miler 1994/1997 silver buckle

Ultra Run Experience: 1999 Badwater Ultramarathon. Trained very hard for this race using the knowledge and experience gained from the 1998 Badwater race. Felt I had the ability to finish in 37 hours. Not only did I finish in just under 34 hours but teamed up with Stephen Silver and ran side by side for the last 90 miles finishing together.

Weird Experience: The 1992 California 50-miler in Santa Rosa, CA. Finished third behind Tim Tweitmeyer and Joe Sclereth while dealing with a golf ball-sized hernia that I had to keep pushing back inside constantly during the entire race. It was operated on a few days later.

Challenge: This one is easy. The 1998 Badwater race. Seeing the course for the first time the day before the race, I felt that it was indeed manageable, but the extremely intense heat was another story. Both days the temperature was in the 130 degree mark and only cooled down to about 105 during the night. Fortunately was able to somehow finish and buckle even in the horrific oven like heat.

Why: The competition, the camaraderie of a close knit group of people and to raise money for kids charities.

Why Badwater: I have ran Badwater the last few years. This race is very special to me. It is such an extraordinary challenge. The best part of this five day experience is the camaraderie and compassion each runner shares with each other. It is an immensely satisfying experience. One only has to be part of this great event to understand. All the runners are my heroes. Badwater is part of my spirituality. I am very competitive and want to run better than last years’ sub 34 hours. Also, I want to again run with my number one hero, Lisa Smith.

Other Exp.: All I do is run everyday.

Charity: Valley of the Moon Children's Home Santa Rosa

Resume: I am Arthur Webb. I have been married to a wonderful and extremely understanding wife (Christine) for 32 years. Over the last 22 years I have run dozens of 50-mile races, numerous 100-mile races and have covered the marathon distance(usually in training runs) hundreds of times. I run between 4,000 to 7,000 miles per year and have run over 110,000 total miles. I am tenaciously competitive and finish what I start. I usually run ultras to raise funds for childrens charities. My ultimate goal after this next Badwater race is to run a marathon every day for one entire year.

Scott Weber
Littleton, CO, USA
website: www.coachweber.com
Occupation: Coach; Event Organizer
Birthday: 11-05-52; Nov. 05, 1952, Age: 47
Number of Years: 32
Number of Marathons: Lost count; it is a 'before breakfast' training distance
50k-Lost count; It is a before Noon training distance.
50mi-20++ since 1986
100km-Never have run a 100K Race.

Previous Badwater Racing: Finisher of the Hi-Tec Badwater 135 in '94, '95, '96, '97, '98, & '99. No dnf's at Badwater. The '6-in-a-row' consecutive finishes is the record. No one has finished 6 in consecutive years. In each of these races I also went to the top of Mt. Whitney. In addition, I completed the Triple Crossing of the Badwater to Mt. Whitney course in 1994. This effort started at the top of Mt. Whitney went out to Badwater, turned around and continued back to Mt. Whitney Summit, then continued back to Badwater. That crossing was primarily done solo, self-supported pushing a baby jogger oasis to oasis. Ben and Denise Jones would come out about once per day to make sure I was alive and to bring out some treats. Denise crewed me for the last 50 miles of that 450 mile effort. It is the only Triple Crossing ever done. That Triple Crossing combined with the '94 Hi-Tec Race has been the only quadruple crossing of the Badwater Course in a single July-August 'Season'. Thus, I have crossed from Badwater to the Summit of Mt. Whitney 9 times in the past 5 years. Marshal Ulrich also has 9 crossings, but it has taken him several more years to do his 9.

Previous Badwater Crewing: I have crewed Marshal Ulrich in the Badwater Race. Additionally, I put on the South to North crossing of Death Valley, that Marshall finished in 1994. I have done several solo training efforts in Death Valley. I also did many miles on the Badwater course during Marshal's solo effort in 1999.
Previous Badwater Clinic I've been out a couple times to participate in portions of Ben's clinics.

Ultra Run: I live and train at 6600 feet of altitude in Colorado. I have completed the Leadville 100 two times as well as the Western States 100 2 times. I have done the double Grand Canyon crossing 6 times, as well as having done 6 multi-day solo runs through the Grand Canyon. I have also done the 104+ mile Pikes Peak Quad (Roundtrip of 26 miles counted as 'one'). I have completed the 500K Race Across Colorado. I have competed in two 6-day races, numerous 24 and 48 hour track races. I have run in the Andes, the Amazon Rain Forest, and the Himalayas.

Ultra Run Experience: The elation of coaching athletes to their first 100-mile finish from 1988 to the present. The thrill of coaching athletes to a National or International Top Placing or Championship comes a close second.

Weird Experience: Solo Multi-Day loop in the Grand Canyon off the North Rim in 1993. Solo, several days without seeing anyone, on a dangerous route, being exposed to the possibility of flash floods, crossing lengthy stretches hopping from boulder to boulder along the Colorado River where rattlesnakes continually make their presence known. Danger, fear and being far from anyone…where getting hurt meant the real possibility of death.

Challenge: Triple Crossing of Death Valley, 1994. 10 days of pushing the limits.

Why: Because I can.

Why Badwater: For the adventure.

Other Exp.: In the 70'as and 80's I cycled in USCF Races. I did a couple 200+ mile rides including the Grand Loop in Colorado: Boulder, Golden, Idaho Springs, Granby, Estes Park, Boulder. I've also completed a long-course High Altitude Triathlon starting and ending in Estes Park, Colorado.

Uli Weber
Pfalzgrafenweiler, Baden Württemberg, Germany
Occupation: Manager
Birthday: 23. May 1949, Age: 51 Years
Number of Years: 20 Years
Number of Marathons: 80

Ultra Run: 1 Ultraman Hawaii, Marathon des Sables, Gigathlon Swisse

Weird Experience: Marathon des Sables
Why: For my life

Why Badwater: For my mind

Lynne Werner
Seattle, WA, USA
Occupation: university professor
Birthday: 06/28/51, Age: 49
Number of Years: 16-1/2
Number of Marathons: 50

Ultra Run: Western States 100, Crown King Scramble 50 mi, see resume below

Ultra Run Experience: Olander Park 24 hour run, 1999. I planned my race very carefully and trained specifically to be able to maintain the correct pace for many hours. Although the race didn't go perfectly, I stuck to my plan and found that I was able to do better than I expected.

Weird Experience: The first time I ran 100 miles was in a 24 hour race, the Pacific Rim One Day Run in 1997. My plan was to stay on my feet for 24 hours as training for my first Western States. I had no ambition to cover any distance. After the first 40 miles, I walked for long periods of time, but I always found that my energy would return and that I could run again. I ran and walked all night, thinking I might break 90 miles. A few hours from the finish my husband brought me a latte from Starbucks and told me that I could break 100 miles. I took off running and didn't walk another step til I had finished 101 miles. By ultra standards this isn't so weird, but to someone just learning how ultras work it was extremely weird to me that I could keep coming back like that. The process isn't one of continual gradual breakdown, but of breaking down and coming back.

Challenge: Western States has been challenging to me all 3 times that I've started it (97, 98, 99). The first year my digestive system went wacko, but I forced myself to complete the course. It turned out I'd contracted giardia during training. The second year was a big snow year. I got through the snow ok, despite my fears about it. Unfortunately I wore myself out on the road section and ended up dropping at 70 miles. The third year saw a good deal of snow and lots of blown down trees on the course. That slowed me down and tired me out, but I was able to hang on fine to finish.

Why: I like running. I enjoy the planning process that is involved in running ultras, including planning both the training and the race itself. I enjoy the sense of accomplishment at the finish.

Why Badwater: I've visited Death Valley a couple of times and found it beautiful. I would enjoy running an ultra there, and the Badwater race has always interested me. I think I generally run well under difficult conditions. It would be my family's idea of a fun vacation.

Other Exp.: Seattle to Portland Ride, 1995, 196 mi

Resume: Lynne Werner

Summary of marathon performance:
50 marathons completed between October, 1983 and November, 1999.
Boston Marathon 1987, 1988, 1996
Death Valley Trail Marathon 1997, 1999
In 1999 completed DVTM in 4:37 on February 6, Las Vegas International Marathon in 3:55 on February 7.
Personal best - 3:12:09, Portland Marathon 1987
Best in last 5 years - 3:42:51, Vancouver International Marathon 1995
DNFs - 4

Summary of ultramarathon performance:
29 ultramarathons completed between November 1989 and September 1999. (28 since 1996)

50 km: 9 races, including 6 trail runs
Trail best ñ Chuckanut Mt., 1999, Bellingham WA, 6:36:50
Road best ñ Badger Mt. Bean Run, 1989, Wenatchee WA, 4:17:57 (first woman, course record)
DNFs ñ none

50 mi: 11 races, including Trail runs - Quicksilver, White River, Crown King Scramble, Sunmart, Winterhawk, Dances with Dirt Road runs - Autumn Leaves, Falls to Gasworks, Mt Si Ultra
Trail best ñ Winterhawk, 1999, Portland OR, 10:36:52
Road best - Falls to Gasworks (83 km), 1997, Seattle WA, 8:40:07 (first masters woman)
DNFs - none

100 km: 3 races, including
Trail runs ñ Catalina Island, What Mi Wok? Road run ñ GNC 100 km
Trail best ñ Catalina Island, 1998, Catalina Island CA, 13:10:29 (fourth woman)
Road best - GNC 100km (USATF National Championship), 1997, Pittsburgh PA, 10:55:08 (fifth woman)
DNFs ñ none

100 mi: 3 races, including
Western States (2 finishes, 1 unofficial)
Umstead Endurance Run
Best ñ Umstead Endurance Run, 1998, Raleigh NC, 25:12:58
DNFs ñ 2

24 hours 4 races, including Pacific Rim One Day Run (101 mi), Meganís Run (105 mi) Olander Park 24-hour Run (116 mi)
Best - Olander Park 24-hour Run, 1999, Sylvania OH, (116.01 mi, second woman, USATF National Championship)
I completed only 55 miles at the Pacific Rim One Day Run in 1999 while crewing for my husband.

Summary of personal bests:
5km ñ Valentines Duet, Seattle, 1989, 20:02
10km ñ Saltyís Sea to See, Seattle, 40:54
Half-marathon ñ Mercer Island, Seattle, 1989, 1:28:32
Marathon ñ Portland Marathon, Portland OR, 1987, 3:12:09
50 km ñ Badge Mountain Bean Run (road), Wenatchee WA, 1989, 4:17:57
50 miles - Falls to Gasworks (83 km, road), Seattle, 1997, 8:40:07
100 km ñ GNC (USATF Natl Championship, road), Pittsburgh, 1997, 10:55:08
100 miles ñ Umstead Endurance Run, Raleigh NC1998, 25:12:58
24 hours ñ Olander Park (USATF Natl Championship), Sylvania

Jose A. Wilkie
Louisville, KY, USA
Occupation: woodworker
Birthday: 6/6/63, Age: 37
Number of Years: 14
Number of Marathons: 5
100mi+-2 (Badwater)

Previous Badwater Racing: Racing 2 years, 1996 & 1997

Ultra Run: Badwater & Hardrock, Leadville

Ultra Run Experience: This year I set the national record for the most 100 mile races completed in one calender year(13-100 mile races)

Weird Experience: Badwater ’96, because I fell ill through the race. I stopped for 12 hours, but then still came back and finished the race in under 48 hours!

Challenge: Hardrock 1994. The extreme altitude and how remote the distance the aid stations are.

Why: To see if I'm capable to do it.

Why Badwater: To test the challenge----again.

Resume: 13- 100 mile races in calender year (1999):
Rocky Racoon, Umstead 100 mile, Massanutten Mountain, Kettle Morain, Mohican Trail, Vermont Endurance, Mt. Rushmore Trail, Leadville Trail, Halliburton Forest, Wasatch Front, Angeles Crest, Arkansas Traveller, Mile High Trail.

Races run and completed:
Angeles Crest: 1999, 1996, 1993
Arkansas Traveller: 1999, 1998, 1995, 1994, 1992
Badwater 135: 1997, 1996
Kettle Moraine 100 Trail Run: 1999, 1997
Leadville Trail 100: 1999, 1998, 1995, 1992
Massanutten Mountain Trail 100: 1999, 1998, 1996
Mount Rushmore Trail 100: 1999, 1998
Old Dominion: 1995, 1993
Superior Trail 100: 1994
Wasatch Front: 1999, 1995, 1993
Western States: 1995, 1993

Completed the Grand Slam (Wasatch Front, Leadville, Western States, Old Dominion) in 1995

18 50 mile races completed from 1989-1998