AdventureCORPS Presents the 2000 Badwater Ultramarathon

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Sun Precautions 2000 Badwater Ultramarathon Webcast

0000, July 29, First Update

Stanlye Duobinis, Number 61, says "it hurt likes hell." But is doing alright.

Lisanne Dorion says she's "done the island (Bermuda) about 6 or 7 times, but it's great to be here."

Adam Bookspan had a rough night, but says "it's a great race!" He was 90 miles on the way back from his return double.

Paul Stone says Hello to everyone in Texas. He also said, "I've got 45 miles to go and I'm going to keep plugging ahead."

Chris Moon says the heat this year is "beyond belief. It's higher than a slow cooker and I'm trying to do the out and back. There is no event like this in the world."

One of the runners didn't recognize her crew "which scared them to death."

Leon Draxler said "it was very deathly yesterday. But a very good experience overall."

Rick Nawrocki is "loving every minute of it."

Major Maples says he "passed out a couple of times today." And added that "there was nothing left to do but finish the race."

"I'd like to say I feel good but it would be a lie." Joey Kelly said.

Scott Weber can see the cars and the runners climbing the mountain about 35 miles away "and hopefully they are looking back at me and saying 'Come on Scott!"