AdventureCORPS Presents the 2000 Badwater Ultramarathon

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Sun Precautions 2000 Badwater Ultramarathon Webcast

1400, July 29 Update

Tales of taping from the First Lady, Denise Jones

# 62 Colin Evans displayed terrific heroism as he continued his quest for the finish line on Friday afternoon. I came upon him as his crew seemed to be mystified by the rock he had taped to the bottom of his shoe to alleviate the pain of his swollen toes. We sat down, Colin in my lawn chair, me on a towel in the dirt. His crew of only two, one man and one woman, had been trying to troubleshoot his foot problems and had decided he might just need to drop out. I talked with them and we decided to give my taping a try. I cut the duct tape off which enclosed his trusty rock from the outside of his shoe. We then cut the toes out of his running shoes. I drained and treated his blisters, noting that his toes were especially blistered. After at least an hour of repair work he again continued toward the finish. He was seen traveling though Lone Pine this AM dragging a huge stake that he had picked up alongside the road with rusty nails protruding. He stopped at PJ's restaurant for some "chips" which we believe are french fries. He finished today in a total time of 45:00 hours even. Awesome!

I spent some time with Frank Macmillan and his crew from Hawaii this morning. Frank's feet were blistered but had been well cleaned and treated by he crew. I taped some his sore spots and sent him on his way realizing if he began moving again he had 8 hours to complete 23 miles. I hope he continued but Ive had no word of his passing through Lone Pine check-point.

The latest word from the Mayor of Badwater, Ben Jones, is that Mary Campilongo is headed toward Lone Pine. Larry Pustinger is crewing her and said she?s moving along slowly. The Mayor kiddingly noticed that her fangs were out but the venom wasn?t dripping yet. This race can put everyone to the test.

Even the webmaster so he tells me!

Art Webb, # 29, worked his crew so hard they had the blisters on their feet.

The Major, Curt Maples, is hoofing it up the Portal Road. He is again smiling and his usual talkative self. His wife is hanging in there and smiling more now that he's closer to the finish line.

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