Name: Jim Benike
City: Rochester
State: MN
Country: USA

Nationality: usa
Occupation: general contractor
Birthday: oct. 7 1949
Age: 51
T-Shirt: L

Number of Years Running: 23
Number of Marathons: 12


50k-4 FAT-Ass 50ks 4 1/2 hours

50mi-Ice Age 50, 6 times,1999-7:50, 2000-8:15hr,third in Age Group
Voyageur 50 1993 10:00

100km-Edmond Fitzgerald 100K,1993-9:18, 1995 -8:55 hr 7th place

100mi-Superior trail 100,5 times,Best time 24:12,5th,two 7th places. 1993,4,6,7,8.
Grand Slam of Untrarunning 1995
Vermont 100,1995-20:31 29th, 1994 21:14hr,32th
Leadville 100,1995 24:14,1999-24:40
Western State 100,1995-26:30, 2000-23:51
Wasatch100 1995-27:58 27th place
Kettle Morraine100 1997- 20:27 8thplace
Hardrock 100 1997-42:01,21th
Hardrock 100 1999-40:15,32th

100mi+-FANS 24 hour 1993-106.2 miles

Marathon de Sables,2000-28:18,44th,2nd 50 years old and over.

Coyote four Play,2000 130 miles stage race 5th

Previous Badwater Racing:
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Previous Badwater Clinic

Best Ultra Run Experience:

Hardrock,so beautiful yet so tough for a flatlander.It is fun to help mark trail each day getting to know the other runners.' Ten days of great hiking spoiled by a race.'

Weird Experience:

There are always good hallucinations after the first day at Hardrock. One never knows what is around the corner.


The Marathon de Sables,2000, was the most challenging. Training to run with twenty plus pounds was tough. It changed my pace and stride and I was always on the edge of injury during training. The race itself was also tough because of the heat. There was still snow in Minnesota when I went to the race. One was always in the sand,there was no escape. Sand was in everthing. The temperature was either hot or cold. Like all ultras it was a mental challenge except the challenge lasted seven days.


I enjoy seeing what is over the next hill or around the corner.

Why badwater:

It's on the 'top ten' toughest list. I have run with other people who have finished the race so I think I can finish also.

Other Exp.:

Cross country skiing.American Birkebeiner 55k,Hayward,WS, seven finishes.
Vineman,1996, Ironman distance Tri.,just under 12 hours.



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English: yes
Crew English: yes
Hike: yes
Permit: yes