Name: Wolfgang Blei
City: Göppingen
State: Baden-Württemberg
Country: Germany

Nationality: German
Occupation: managing director (own company)
Birthday: 08.02.53
Age: 48
T-Shirt: L

Number of Years Running: 8
Number of Marathons: 1






100mi+-marathon des sables, Marokko 1998, finished in 58:25, distance was 230 - 240 km

Previous Badwater Racing: none
Previous Badwater Crewing: none
Previous Badwater Clinic none

Best Ultra Run Experience:

marathon des sables, 1998: was my first ultra to check my limits

Weird Experience:

marathon des sables, 1998: everything was an extreme ( cold nights, extreme hot days)



very goood relaxing, cause my occupation is a hard job( i`am involved in computer science)

Why Badwater:

i heard a lot about Badwater, study reports from Mike Zeigle,Epraim Romesberg and the "Major" Curt Maples and i think this is the ultimative challenge to go for higher grounds.

Remembering a good sentence from President John F. Kennedy i`ll interpret like this: "Whenever i may be asked in this century what i have done to make my life worthwhile ... i can respond whith a good deal of pride and satisfaction, `I go with the heroes from Badwater`"

Other Exp.:

Traditional i´am from the cycling scene. Since 1996 i join every year an event, we call here in Germany the "Tour de Ländle". This event is a cycle race for everybody ( all age groups; the goal of the race is not the speed, the goal is to have a healthy movement, to enjoy the beautiful country and to finish) of about 700 - 800 KM ( 437 - 500 miles) and takes place in the south of Germany ( Rheinland-Pfalz, Hessen, Baden Württemberg). The whole race is divided in 6, sometimes 7 parts (depends on the route, every year there`s another route) with distances of > 100Km/day with differrent altitude levels. This race is not easy (a good condition is necessary) but very popular and some years, we have more then 1400 participants. In addition to all my "normal" sportsmanlike activities, i`am in the mind, i have to complete special challenges (like Marathon des Sables) where toughness and persistence is a need.

Also, i enjoy my long walking and hiking tours in Rocky Mountains National Park and Grand Canyon.



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English: yes
Crew English: yes
Hike: no
Permit: yes