Name: Jeremy Bolam
City: Cley Next The Sea, NR Holt
State: Norfolk
Country: UK

Nationality: BRITISH
Birthday: 07/08/58
Age: 42

Number of Years Running: 10
Number of Marathons: 5





100mi-1977 Marathon des Sables in Sahara desert, Morocco. 146 miles. Finished 162nd in 31hrs 59mins

2000 Jordan Desert Cup. 105 miles in one go. Finished 60th in 41hrs. First British runn


Previous Badwater Racing: None
Previous Badwater Crewing: None
Previous Badwater Clinic

Best Ultra Run Experience:

Finishing the Marathon des Sables in 1997. I had bad blister trouble and nearly quit after day 4 so it felt like a huge achievement. Plus first ultra event will always be particularly special.

Weird Experience:

Doing about 5 miles of the Jordan Desert Cup with nothing but a shirt on! I was suffering from crotch rash and thought some fresh air round my nether regions might help. Fortunately the nearest runners were a mile away.


Definitely the Marathon des Sables in 1997. Before that I had never even run a marathon. I was well prepared, but had major blister problems after day 4 and nearly quit. I have an amazing photo on my office wall of me crossing the finish line, both feet off the ground. That memory will live with me for ever.Why:

Challenge! Challenge! Challenge! I have a great life, but sometimes it feels too easy. Ultras provide a sharp reminder of a less cosy existence - a very concentrated kick up the backside for both mind and body. Then, when you've finished, a wonderful glow of quiet satisfaction to take with you through your day to day life. Highly seductive, highly addicting

Why badwater:

The Marathon des Sables and the Jordan Desert Cup both masquerade as the world's toughest foot races. Having read Chris Moon's account of Badwater 1999, Badwater looks like the toughest. Makes it a must for me.

Other Exp.:

Have done lots of long distance cycling including several 400km rides. I nearly entered RAAM a couple of years ago, but just do not have the time to train enough. Sadly work has to come first


Not sure yet, but hoping to do an article for one of our running magazines plus a national and a regional newspapers.

More Media:

Probably not though my girlfriend, who will be part of my support crew, is a seriously good photographer and should get some great pictures to accompany any articles that I get published.


I usually manage to raise several thousand pounds for cancer research charities. I hope to do something similar.

English: yes
Crew English: yes
Hike: yes
Permit: yes

Resume: Not really. Apart from cycling, running and ultras, I played squash, tennis and golf for my university