Name: Ruben R. Cantu
City: Santee
State: CA
Country: USA

Nationality: US
Occupation: Aerospace Contracts Manager
Birthday: March 27, 1943
Age: 58
T-Shirt: XL

Number of Years Running: 11
Number of Marathons: 23


50k-Cuyamaca Laguna, 1996.
Holcomb Valley, 1999

50mi-Lost Boys 50 Mile Tail Run 1994, 95, 96, 98. Very beautiful and challenging. One of the toughest and most rewarding 50 milers on the west coast.
Pacific Crest Trail 50, 1994, 95, 96, 97, 98. Great Anza Borrego Desert views.
Crown King 50 Mile Trail Run 1999
Leona Divide 50 Miler 1994, 95, 98, 99. Challenging and well supported


100mi-Western States 100 1995, finished in 29:33;16. '98 (DNF) Both snow years.
Angeles Crest 100 1996: 29:50, '97: 30:46
Leadville Trail 100 1999: 29:16

100mi+-Badwater 2000: 42:53. Number 15 overall. 6th American to finmish. Summitted Whitney directly after for a total time of 60:19 from Badwater to the summit.
San Diego One Day Race 2000: 105.92 miles

Previous Badwater Racing: 2000. Finished in 42;53, 15th overall, 13th male, 6th American, 2nd in age group.
Previous Badwater Crewing: None
Previous Badwater Clinic None

Best Ultra Run Experience:

Badwater 2000. My finishing time was as I had predicted but not ever having set foot on the course before race day, I was very pleasantly surprised at my results. The essence of the Badwater experience begs you to come back and run it again and again. It is well organized and supported even though we are required to provide our own support, you feel that if any problems arise, race management is present to help.

Weird Experience:

Badwater 2000. The halluscinations I experienced while going up Portal Road. My son Ric kept walking through a concrete wall that was posted between him and me. I knew the wall existed only in my mind/vision but it looked real and he certainly enjoyed laughung at me.


San Diego One Day 2000. I had never run 100 miles in a 24 hour period nor had I ever run a track run. I did not know how to pace myself for such an event yet I knew what kind of pace was required and I found the pace very challenging and tiring. It was however, a very rewarding experience.


The challenge, the camaraderie, the trail scenery, the fitness required, the endurance, the run.

Why badwater:

I have found BW to be the most challenging and rewarding ultra experience to date. It is not just an endurance challenge, it is more indepth. It challengies the soul, the mind and certainly the stomach.

Other Exp.:

None. I am one-trail minded.



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English: yes
Crew English: yes
Hike: no
Permit: yes