Name: Doug Croxall
City: Venice
State: CA
Country: USA

Nationality: American
Occupation: Cheif Financial Officer
Birthday: 11-14-68
Age: 32
T-Shirt: Large

Number of Years Running: 6
Number of Marathons: 19


50k-Vineman 50 Km (Inagrual); July 1999; Santa Rosa, CA; I finished in 4:15:00 and secured 2nd place out of a field of approxiamtely 40 runners.

Bulldog 50 Km Run; September 2000; Malibu, CA; I finished in 15th place overall in a field of a couple hundred runners, can't remember the exact tiem, but i think it was about 5:00:00 - 5:15:00

50mi-Pacific Crest Trail 50 miler; August 1999; East of San Diego, CA; I finished 10th out of 78 runners, my time was approxiamtely 8:00:00.

100km-Catalina 100 Km UltraRun; February 2000; Catalina Island, CA; I finished in 13:36:37, which was 44th out of 78 runners; I ran with a backpack containing 24 pounds to simulate/train for Marathon des Sables.


100mi+-15th Marathon des Sables 2000; April 2000; Sahara Desert, Morocco; DNF; I was pulled out of the race in the 4th stage of six stages. Passed out while running due to severe dehydration.

Previous Badwater Racing: none yet.
Previous Badwater Crewing: none.
Previous Badwater Clinic none, unless Badwater rund along the same course as the Death Valley Marathon, which I did in December of 1999, but I'm not sure if both races share the saem course.

Best Ultra Run Experience:

15th Marathon des Sables 2000. I met so many enjoyable runners and at some point in the desert I decided that I woudl never stop running ultras or marathons. Although, I under hydrated myself, I still feel that the Desert and the solitude helped me apply simplicity to my own life. I often remember my experiences in the Sahara to help direct my everyday challenges. I wouldn't trade that for any other runnign experience or benefit.

Weird Experience:

Catlina 100Km, February 2000. I was having stomach problems around mile 42-45. I was constantly eating and drinking plenty of fluids, but couln't snap out of a strange funk. My running partner, Dan Marcus, and I met up with another runner, Stan Jensen, who taught me the value of salt. He explained how salt is a key component in allowing your stomach to properly digest the liquid and solids that enter your stomach. Without salt, your stomach doesn't digest anything, but merely stores what you consume. Which also explained why I had a bloated stomach. Stan gave me some rock salt, and twenty-thirty minutes later I started feeling great. Dan and I ran sub 7:30's the last five miles of the race.


15th Marathon des Sables. This was for certain very challenging for me. I had trouble keeping water down on the 50 mile day (stage 4 or 6). We started running around 9:00 am and five hours later (approx. 2:00) I started dry-heaving/vomiting and bleeding out of both of my nostrils. I kept running for another hour or so until my shivering body finally collapsed. My running partner, Dan Marcus, waived down a passing Media Truck, and I was airlifted out of the Desert and removed from the race. By the way, my body consumed 6 liters of I.V. before recovering.


Good question. I get this one a lot from my mom and from other friends and/or business acquaintances. I think that I run ultras to fulfill a need to push myself to both a physical limit and a mental limit. I have a very obsessive personality. My dad once told me not to focus too much on the final destination but on the journey. While completing an Ultra provides a brillant sense of accomplishment; experiencing and appreciating the journey certainly increases the enjoyment of reaching the final destination. An ultra has the same cycle that life has. I enjoy the journey of life, therefore I enjoy the journey of an ultra.

Why badwater:

Badwater represents the world's toughest race. I have an empty feeling left in me when I did not finish the 15th Marathon des Sables. I have to fix what happened last April. If the race coordiantor won't accept me in the field, I will run it anyway with my own crew on my own date (no offense). I would just rather do it with the other competitors.

Other Exp.:

I have competed in numerous triathlons. Inclduing the Maui Ironman in September of 1998. I placed 3rd in my age category (at the time it was 25-29) and 12th overall.


I will be running to raise money for Breast Cancer Society. One of my friends, who raises money for Breast Cancer Society, will assist me in raising money and publicizing my efforts and Badwater. She is a former entertainment agent and still is very active in the entertainment industry and with many other social groups in the Hollywood area. I imagine that with her help I will be able to rasie qutie a bit of money and awareness for Breast Cancer and for the race.

More Media:

I am not certain at this point.


Woman's Breast Cancer Society.

English: yes
Crew English: yes
Hike: yes
Permit: yes