Name: Leon J. Draxler
City: Sumner
State: WA
Country: USA

Nationality: american
Occupation: engineer
Birthday: april 21, 1942
Age: 59
T-Shirt: x-large

Number of Years Running: 26
Number of Marathons: 8


50k-cle elum, 2000, wa, ~7 hr
mcdonald forest, 2000, or, ~7 hr
chuckanut, 2000, wa, ~7 hr
chuckanut, 1999, wa, ~7 hr

50mi-mt si, 1999, wa, ~12 hr
white river, 1998, wa, ~11.5 hr
mckenzie river, 1998, or, ~11 hr
skyline to sea, 1998, ca, ~9.5 hr

100km-miwok, 2000, ca, ~15 hr

100mi-cascade crest classic, 2000, wa, ~33 hr
angeles crest, 1999, ca, ~33 hr
wasatch, 1999, ut, ~35 hr
leadville, co, 1999, ~30 hr
vermont, vt, 1999, ~30 hr
western states, 1999, ca, ~30 hr
old dominion, 1999, va, ~27.5 hr
wasatch, 1998, ut, ~33 hr
leadville, 1997, co, ~30 hr

100mi+-badwater, 2000, ca, ~54.5 hr

Previous Badwater Racing: badwater, 2000, ca, 54 hr 42 min (#32)
Previous Badwater Crewing:
Previous Badwater Clinic

Best Ultra Run Experience:

Three experiences:

  1. finishing six 100's in 1999 that make up the 'last great race' combination
  2. doing the coldfoot classic in 1999, in the artic circle, with the northern lights
  3. finishing badwater in 2000, experiencing the heat and still being able to move

Weird Experience:

Would have to be coldfoot classic, at times you were totally alone, on the 'long haul' highway, with temps hitting minus 32 degrees


Badwater, 2000, remember thinking at the pre-race meeting, that i didn't know if i would be able to move in such heat (it was about 120 degrees at that time), got even warmer during the run (+127), but was able to move, albeit at a slow pace


For personal satisfaction and great experiences

Why badwater:

Want to finish under 48hrs this time

Other Exp.:

Like climbing: have climbed mckinley and throughly enjoyed it


More Media:


English: yes
Crew English: yes
Hike: yes
Permit: yes