Name: Stanley F. Duobinis
City: Millersville
State: MD
Country: USA

Nationality: US
Occupation: Economist
Birthday: September 17, 1950
Age: 50
T-Shirt: Large

Number of Years Running: 21
Number of Marathons: 25


50k-Hinte-Anderson, 1992, Maryland, 50K, 5:35:37
Hinte-Anderson, 1994, Maryland, 50K, 5:02:20
Catoctin, 1995, Maryland, 50K, 9:11:42
Hinte-Anderson, 1995, Maryland, 50K, 5:17:20
Hinte-Anderson, 1996, Maryland, 50K, 5:56:16
Hinte-Anderson, 1997, Maryland, 50K, 6:02:57
Hinte-Anderson, 1998, Maryland, 50K, 6:15:40
Cle Elum Ridge, 1998, Washington, 50K, 8:08:00
Hinte-Anderson, 1999, Maryland, 50K, 6:08:32
Catoctin, 1999, 50K, 9:26:00
Hinte-Anderson,2000, Maryland, 50K, 6:49:15

50mi-JFK, 1989, Maryland, 50M, 11:04:40
JFK, 1990, Maryland, 50M, 9:16:15
JFK, 1991, Maryland, 50M, 9:37:12
Wolfpack, 1991, Ohio, 50M, 8:15:47
Groundhog, 1991, Pennsylvania, 50M, 9:29:02
Reservoir, 1992, Maryland, 50M, 11:34:00
Groundhog, 1992, Pennsylvania, 50M, 10:28:17
Bull Run Run, 1994, Virginia, 50M, 11:49:48
Bull Run Run, 1995, Virginia, 50M, 12:05:22
Bull Run Run, 1996, Virginia, 50M, 12:05:28
Umstead, 1998, North Carolina, 50M, 11:06:00
Umstead, 2000, North Carolina, 50M, 11:43:05

100km-Del Passatore, 1991, District of Columbia, 100K, 10:56:39
Del Passatore, 1992, District of Columbia, 100K, 10:46:53
Del Passatore, 1993, District of Columbia, 100K, 11:09:27

100mi-Old Dominion, 1992, Virginia, 100M, 28:00:00
Western States, 1992, California, 100M, 29:30:36
Vermont, 1993, Vermont, 100M, 27:24:27
Howard County Track Run, 1994, Maryland, 100M, 22:23:52
Massanutten Mountain, 1995, Virginia, 100M, 34:53:00
Massanutten Mountain, 1996, Virginia, 100M, 32:46:00
Umstead, 1997, North Carolina, 100M, 26:59:48
Massanutten Mountain, 1997, Virginia, 100M, 33:32:13
Umstead, 1999, North Carolina, 100M, 28:56:58


Previous Badwater Racing: 2000: Finished at the 100 Mile mark. Had to stop because of serious blister problem on my left foot. Half of the foot was gone!
Previous Badwater Crewing:
Previous Badwater Clinic

Best Ultra Run Experience:

Of all of them, finishing Massanutten the first time it was held, was the best (and worst at times). We just beat the deadline of 35 hours. The finish time was 34:53:00! The last twenty-five miles were a real race against the clock, and we were hampered by a thunderstorm as well.

Weird Experience:

Badwater in 2000 now probably ranks as the weirdest. The hallucinations the second night were wild, and the argument that I had with myself about whether I was going the wrong way after "waking up" after running in a daze for awhile was also mind boggling.


Leadville is still the most difficult run I've done. When there's no air you just can't do anything to speed up.


Because I can, the sense of accomplishment, and the peaceful feeling that comes with the exhaustion.

Why badwater:

To make up for my DNF from last year. Just a bit of early tape work on my left foot, and I would have avoided the problem that caused me to drop out at 100 miles.

Other Exp.:

Several sprint triahlons.
Chesapeake Challenge one-mile swim in the Chesapeake Bay (46:28)
The Eagleman Half Ironman Triathlon (6:53:26)



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English: yes
Crew English: yes
Hike: no
Permit: yes