Name: Barbara A. Elia
City: Modesto
State: CA
Country: USA

Nationality: American
Occupation: College Teacher
Birthday: Oct. 2,1944
Age: 56
T-Shirt: Medium

Number of Years Running: 22
Number of Marathons: 72


50k-Jed Smith 50K - 11 X (Sacramento, CA)4:48-6:11
Cool Canyon Crawl 50K - 10X (Cool, CA) 6:52-7:43
Silver State 50K - 5X (Reno, Nev.) 9:48-10:56
Quicksilver 50K - 10X (San Jose, CA) 6:01-7:28
Run by the Dam 50K - 3X (Auburn, CA) 7:04-7:48

50mi-Cal 50 - 1X (Santa Rosa, CA) 9:45
American River 50 12X (Sacramento to Auburn, CA) 8:48-11:01
Helen Klein 50 miles - 5X (Sacramento, CA) 8:57-10:30

100km-Helen Klein 100k - 1X (Sacramento, CA) 110:25
Ruth Anderson 100K - 8X (San Francisco, CA)11:34- 13:38.

100mi-Vermont 100 - 3X
Western States 100 - 10X
Leadville 100 - 1X - 1993 28:38
Wasatch 100 - 1X - 1993 34:09
Angeles Crest 100 - 4X 1991,1993,1995,1997 29:06-31:25
Vermont 100 - 2X 1991, 1993 23:10 & 26:45
Western States 100 - 10X 1988, 1990, 1992-1999

100mi+-Cornbelt 24 Track Run 1989 - 105 miles (Iowa)
Gibson Ranch 6 day - 322 miles - (Sacramento, CA)
Gibson Ranch 24 hour - 2X - 109 miles (Sac., CA)
Badwater 135 - 1X - 2000 45:37

Previous Badwater Racing: In 2000 I ran the Badwater course for the first time, in a time of 45:37, and was the 4th female. I went on to be the only female to summit Mt. Whitney in 79:5l.

Previous Badwater Crewing:
Previous Badwater Clinic Memorial Day Weekend, 2000

Best Ultra Run Experience:

Finishing Badwater in year 2000 was the neatest experience because of the all the logistics I had to go through to get there (training in the heat, organizing a crew) and then attempting to run in extreme heat on the pavement.

Weird Experience:

At the Badwater race in 2000, I had a pacer from 72 miles to 122, and he kept me going all day and night, but when he stopped in Lone Pine to get coffee, while another pacer took over, I didn't recognize him sitting there drinking coffee.


The Gibson Ranch 6-day run in 1990. California had a record cold wave that week, and the race was run in sub-freezing temperatures, so I never worked up a sweat or got any blisters, but couldn't run very long each day because I couldn't keep warm.


I've met the most interesting people on the trail and on the road during training runs and races. People from all walks of life, all coming together to do one common thing - RUN!

Why badwater:

My dream was always to do this race, ever since I read about it years ago. I had such a good experience, I would like to come back to do it again. I love the desert, the spiritual feeling I get when I'm out there on the road in such extreme conditions.

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English: yes
Crew English: yes
Hike: yes
Permit: yes