Name: Dr. Holger Finkernagel
City: Bad Berleburg
State: NRW
Country: Germany

Nationality: german
Occupation: Giessen
Birthday: 15. sept.1943
Age: 57
T-Shirt: XL

Number of Years Running: 15
Number of Marathons: > 50


50k-german Ultra Marathon Championship 1999 and 2000

50mi-3 x 78 km Swiss-Alpine; 1 x 76 km Rennsteiglauf

100km-Biel (suisse) 2000

100mi-Verdon ultra run in south of france: 130 km and an high difference of more than 9000 m.

100mi+-2 x Marathon des sables

in Nov. 2000: 162 km Jordanien desert cup

Previous Badwater Racing:
Previous Badwater Crewing:
Previous Badwater Clinic

Best Ultra Run Experience:

Marathon des sables: 1999 and 2000; I like the desert runs; I will runn in 2000 Jordan desert run, in 2001 the sandmarathon in south algeria and the 3. marathon des sables. I like the silence in the desert, the people, livin there.

Weird Experience:


two times competition of "Verdon-ultra run" in south of france. It ist a likly landscape, amacing organisation by frensch people. But it is the most strong expirience I had done.


I run in primary reason for my healthness. Not only für my body but for my soul.

Why badwater:

I think it is an great challenge for me and I heard some thing by Eberhard Frrixe, Joey Kelley and Uli Weber, the three german competitors in 2000. They are good friends of mine.

Other Exp.:

In 1988 I was medical director of an Himalaya expedition. We climbt 2 7.000 m peaks by fear means. It was an very succesfull expirience. At last I practice kayaking on european fleets.


Some of german medias are interestet on this event. Especiality on the result of my competition. Running, Ultra Marathon, Westfälische Rundschau, third programm of German telvition, local radio station.

More Media:

It is possible but I decite this later.


I run for ARQUE (Arbeitsgemeinschaft für querschnittsgelähmte Kinder) It ist an charity organisation for childrens having an neurological hemiplegia, the most by spina bifida.

English: yes
Crew English: yes
Hike: yes
Permit: yes

Resume: I am an doctor of medicine. Daily I am confrontatet with the patiens, living in bad conditions. I will give them an example for an prospective live.