Name: Eberhard Frixe
City: Meine
State: Niedersachsen
Country: Germany

Nationality: German
Occupation: Industrial Manager
Birthday: 18.02.1950
Age: 51 Years
T-Shirt: M

Number of Years Running: 21 Years
Number of Marathons: 100


50k-German Championchip, Marburg, 1996 in 3:49:24,
Two Oceans Marathon, South Africa, 1997 in 4:48:07,
German Championchip, Hanau-Rodenbach, 1999 in 3:47:00,
German Championchip, Edersee, 2000, in 4:28:34

50mi-Swiss Alpine Davos
1993 in 8:03:18,
1995 in 7:56:39,
1996 in 8:02:31,
1998 in 8:32:39,
1999 in 9:07:58.
Comrades, South Africa, 1994, in 7:36:59,
Fleurier, Swiss, 1998, in 7:42:26

100km-All 100km runs in Europe:
1987, Unna, in 9:44:50,
1987, Rodenbach, in 8:40:19,
1989, Marc Aurel, in 8:50:47, Austria
1989, Wien,in 9:09:09, Austria
1990, Hanau, in 9:11:44,
1990, Around the Island SYLT, in 11:45:00,
1991, Pfalzgrafenweiler, in 9:54:43,
1991, Schee├čel, in 9:14:55,
1992, Around the Island SYLT, 10:55:00,
1992, Pfalzgrafenweiler, in 8:55:54,
1992, Elte, in 8:18:40,
1993, Biel, in 9:32:57, Swiss
1993, Elte, in 8:08:57,
1994, Hannover, in 8:52:15,
1994, Kiel, in 8:28:00,
1995, Hannover, in 8:42:24,
1995, Kiel, in 8:46:13,
1996, Hanau, 8:41:20,
1997, Winschoten, in 8:57:39, The Neatherlands
1998, Marburg, in 10:21:30,
1998, Kiel, in 8:47:23,
1999, Marburg, in 11:02:31

100mi-100 Miles Himalayan Stage Racing,India, 1999, in 18:18:00,7th place overall

100mi+-24 hours run, 1991, Apeldoorn, 182,3 km, 24 hours run, 1993, Basel, 206,8 km,
Marathon des Sables, 1998, Morocco, 34:27:02, 167. Place overall,
Marathon des Sables, 1999, Morocco, 26:15:22, 64. Place overall,
Marathon des Sables, 2000, Morocco, 29:41:03, 48. Place overall,
Marathon des Sables, 2001, Morocco, 59th overall and 3rd in age group

Previous Badwater Racing: -
Previous Badwater Crewing: 2000 dropped out very early because I catched a virus, some hours later I was a crew member and the pace maker for Uli Weber and Joey Kelly.
Previous Badwater Clinic

Best Ultra Run Experience:

The Marathon des Sables, becaus there is an excellent organisation, in the bivac you can meet and talk to very interesting people, this event is a great adventure.

Weird Experience:

100 Miles Himalayan Stage Racing, the great altitude, the thin air, the yaks, the wild horses and the beautiful view to the big mountains. This event was in 1999.


The Marathon des Sables in 2000, because there was a day we had to run 38 km overall and a part of these 38 Km (more than 22km) over the dunes and I had only 1 litre water in my bottle


Ultra running is my life. In every Ultra run you have a different feeling. I'm shure, Ultra Runs are good for my mind and good for my health.

Why badwater:

Because I dropped out in 2000 and I'm shure I can do it. My greatest wish is to be a Badwater finisher in 2001.

Other Exp.:



I think so, but I dont know at this time what media. I know several interested groups.

More Media:




English: yes
Crew English: yes
Hike: yes
Permit: yes