Name: Jack A. Humphrey
City: Boulder
State: CO
Country: U.S.A.

Nationality: American
Occupation: Physician - Anesthesiologist
Birthday: 06-06-57
Age: 44yrs
T-Shirt: Large

Number of Years Running: 23
Number of Marathons: 20


50k-Doc Holliday 35-Mile Ultra Trail Run, Glenwood,CO
1988-6hrs.31mins-51 out of 104
1989-6hrs.33mins-84 out of 208
1990-6hrs.30mins-91 out of 262
Baldy Peaks 50K Run-1994-Mt. Baldy, CA-7hrs.16mins-15 out of 69.



100mi-Leadville Trail 100, Leadville,CO---1990--28hrs.56mins--31st in 30-39age group

100mi+-Zanskar Research Run--110+Miles--1992--Multi-day high altitude run from 12,000ft. to 17,375ft.with a mountain climb to Stok Kangri(20,120 ft.)--Ladakh,India.

Previous Badwater Racing: Not previously entered.
Previous Badwater Crewing: No previous experience.
Previous Badwater Clinic No previous experience.

Best Ultra Run Experience:

The Leadville 100 in 1990 was the best due to a superb crew and friendships forged which assisted with a change of career from police officer to physician.

Weird Experience:

The weirdest experience occurred while on a 50+ mile training run in the CO. Rockies in which we were forced to bivouac at 11,000 ft. and we watched while a major forest fire burned 1000's of acres around our home town. It was beautiful yet I felt hopeless and powerless to help.


The Zanskar Run in India was the most challenging due to its remote location with high altitude. We were several days from nearest aide and due to the high altitude many participants experienced acute mt. sickness. You had to continue despite illness, dehydration and altitude due to remote location.


Teddy Roosevelt said it most succintly," Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat."

Why badwater:

I have been interested in Badwater since the late 1980's when the Hi-Tec sponsor "formalized" the event. Badwater represents extreme dichotomy: hot vs. cold; lowest to highest and barren to beauty. It is a remarkable accomplishment due to its "extreme" nature. It is this wide range of Badwater "qualities" that I endeavor to defeat. Until now, I have been unable to logistically support such an endeavor because of medical school and residency. Medicine is the intellect and Badwater is the physical I need for completeness. Besides, I enjoy the sauna at my athletic club.

Other Exp.:

Ironman Triathalon--Hawaii--1982 and 1983.
Mountain Climbing--Completed numerous technical ascents in the United States and Canada including Longs Peak, Co;Half Dome(Yosemite, CA);Mt. Athabasca,Canada and Stok Kangri(20,120) in India.



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English: yes
Crew English: yes
Hike: no
Permit: yes