Name: Andy Humphries
City: Marlborough,
State: Wiltshire
Country: England

Nationality: British
Occupation: Relationship Director
Birthday: 12 jan 1964
Age: 37
T-Shirt: XL

Number of Years Running: 12
Number of Marathons: 15+


50k-Two Oceans marathon (S Africa) - April 1999 - 35 miles in 4 h 35m, Doncaster Doddle (UK) - March 2000 - 42 miles cross country in 6 h 57m, Marlborough Downs Challenge (UK) - March 1999, 33 miles in 5 hrs - 3rd place

50mi-London - Brighton - Oct 1999 - 55 miles in 8h 40m



100mi+-Himalayas 100 mile stage race - India, 1998. At altitudes of upto 12,000 ft - total 17 hours 20 mins and 2nd place overall, Marathon de Sable - Morocco 2000 - Sahara desert - 191st position overall

Previous Badwater Racing: none
Previous Badwater Crewing: none
Previous Badwater Clinic none

Best Ultra Run Experience:

Himalayan 100 mile stage race (1998). fantastic scenery, local people and commarardie. Also finished 2nd which was unexpected (actualy leading at one point)

Weird Experience:

London to Brighton. Furthest that I had run at the time and this is a route normally associated with classic card rallies!!


Marathon de sable(2000). Carrying own kit, heat and sand made this very very tough particularly the 48 mile stage which followed the previous stage across dunes in temperature of 50 degrees C.


Meet people, experience new places, sense of achievement and raise money for charity

Why badwater:

World famous event but with limited field it is still very special. I have not been to the area before and hear that the atmosphere is very special. Also keen to raise money for charity.

Other Exp.:




More Media:



Yes. Dreams Come True who fulfill dreams of critically and terminally ill children eg. by paying for holiday. I chose this because it has a good fit with sense of adventure and I am keen to do what little I can for children clearly so much worse off than I

English: yes
Crew English: yes
Hike: yes
Permit: yes