Name: David L Jackson
City: lexington
State: KY
Country: USA

Nationality: US
Occupation: healthcare provider
Birthday: 01/20/59
Age: 42
T-Shirt: lg

Number of Years Running: 27
Number of Marathons: 24


50k-rattle snake trail 7/99 5hr 16min

50mi-kentucky 50 miler 12/96 8hr 30min
12/97 8hr 35min
12/98 7hr 59min
12/99 8hr 30min
12/00 ??
Umstead 50 4/99 9hr 30min

100km-KY ultra sojurn 54miles 3/00 10hr 10min

100mi-rocky raccoon 2/98 22hr 40min
old dominion 6/99 25hr 55min
"" """" 6/00 26hr 55min
western states 6/00 29hr 07min
leadville trail 8/00 29hr 33min
wasatch trail 9/00 32hr 30min


Previous Badwater Racing:
Previous Badwater Crewing:
Previous Badwater Clinic

Best Ultra Run Experience:

wasatch trail 9/00; the remoteness and beauty of the course. Also the extreme challenge and difficulty of the course [felt like I had accomplished something].

Weird Experience:

KY Ultra sojurn 3/00; a fun low key run that is totally on trails,lots of water crossings,minimal to no aid,and poorly marked. A lot of fun and a lot of good stories after the run.


Completing the Slam in 2000. I consider that one event because of the proximity of each run to the next one. Difficult for me because of the short recovery time between runs.


I love to run,the commaradiere,the beauty of the courses,the challenges they bring,and most of all the closeness I feel to God during many of my runs.

Why badwater:

After running in 4 races with Joe Decker this year and learning of the extreme difficulty of the race, the beauty of the course, and the wonderful people he met during the run; I want to experience it all to.

Other Exp.:

Completed a dozen Ironman distance races, including Hawaii 4 times, World's Toughest twice and Great Floridian 5 times and the old Cape Cod Ironman.



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English: yes
Crew English: yes
Hike: yes
Permit: yes