Name: Karl W. Keltner
City: Overland Park
State: Kansas
Country: USA

Nationality: American
Occupation: Personal Trainer-TNT Marathon Coach
Birthday: 09-10-61
Age: 39
T-Shirt: XL

Number of Years Running:
Number of Marathons: 7


50k-Bluesprings 50/50 Nov 98 50k 7hrs

First ultra last 2 miles very difficult but the satisfaction of finishing was worth it

50mi-Brew to Brew Mar 99-00 42.5 miles. A wonderful experience,variety of terrain [streets, gravel, mud & plenty of hills]. Finished 9hrs 30 min first yr and pulled quad second year and finished in 10hrs

100km-24 hr run 9-9-00 personal run to raise money for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.Completed 80 miles and had a great time. Raised about 500 dollars, while demonstrating to my marathon team that anything is possible if you train properly



Previous Badwater Racing:
Previous Badwater Crewing:
Previous Badwater Clinic

Best Ultra Run Experience:

The 24 hr run was the most rewarding,the support I recieved from local runners and team in training members was incredible. Generated local media [TV]coverage which was great exposure for the TNT. I did this to celebrate my 39th birthday 9-10-00.

Weird Experience:

Same as above [24hr 9-9-00]. The curiousity of the media was so strange. they thought it was so incredible,while I thought it was a big under taking ,its nothing compared to what a lot of people have accomplished.


50k Nov 98 [first ultra] My expectations were that it wouldn't be a problem after a few marathons. That last 5 miles was my hardest to date. So now I never underestimate an event!!


For the physical and mental challenge they offer. Also to show my marathon team that anything is possible, and in the big picture 26.2 isn't that big of mountain to climb. I always try to set the example for my team.

Why badwater:

From what I have read and heard, it is the ultimate challenge. I love the desert[I was stationed in 29 Palms,CA for 4yrs while in the Marine Corps]. I also will be raising money for Leukemia And Lymphoma Society.

Other Exp.:

IRONMAN FLORIDA Nov 99-00. My first endurance experience involved tri sports and eventually IRONMAN. The most well organized event I have ever attended,well supported and fun. I will be competing in the Camp Pendelton IRONMAN in may also.



More Media:



Yes, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Being the coach for TNT I fill it is my responsibilty to do my part for the Society. I try to do one event each year to raise money for the Society. This being a high profile event I should be able to raise a lot of money!!!!!!!!

English: yes
Crew English: yes
Hike: no
Permit: yes