Name: Stephen King
City: Penticton
State: B.C.
Country: Canada

Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Counsellor
Birthday: 19th November 1948
Age: 52
T-Shirt: medium

Number of Years Running: 45
Number of Marathons: 30


50k-1983 Sri Chinmoy/Vancouver 3:17:21 2nd
1996 Kettle Valley/Merritt 3:54 1st
1997 Walk in the Park/Kamloops 4:48 1st
1999 Brass Monkey 3:45 1st

50mi-1979 US Nats 5:44 4th
1979 U.S. Nats (WA) 5:48 4th
1983 Sri Chinmoy/Vancouver 5:36:23 2nd
1985 Canadian Nats/Kelowna 5:49 2nd
1987 Sri Chinmoy/Vancouver 5:44 1st
1993 Sri Chinmoy 6:34 1st
1999 Comrades Marathon-South Africa (54 miles) 7:13 435th/7th master

100km-2x2nd 1972/73 London to Brighton walk (England)
1995 Speedy Printing/Penticton 7:55 1st
1996 Speedy Printing/Penticton 8:24 1st
1997 Haney to Harrison 8:03 1st

100mi-1972 Centurion race-walker Leicester to Skegness(England) 21:29
1989 Western States 23:36 86th


Previous Badwater Racing: None
Previous Badwater Crewing: None
Previous Badwater Clinic None

Best Ultra Run Experience:

Comrades - the event had been a 25 year dream and it lived up to everything I had hoped for in terms of challenge, course, people and reputation.

Weird Experience:

World Rogaine Champs 1998 in B.C. 24hours of making mistakes, getting lost, getting eaten by bugs, boiling hot, was my first Rogaine event ever and yet I have a sense of distorted pride about continuing regardless.


Western States - stopped to pop blisters at 55 miles and was in tip 15 at the time, forced to stay put for 90 mins and then when let go, could barely walk, but still achieved my goal of under 24hrs


Never know what will happen and I like the idea of getting to know deeper aspects of myself and to find out if I have learned and utilise the lessons in my life.

Why badwater:

I have spent time with Rich Benyo and Rhonda and their enthusiasm and his book have inspired me.

Other Exp.:

Ironman Canada x3 10:16 `89 48th, 10:40 `84 6th, 10:47 `99 206th
Ultraman Canada 1994 2nd 11km swim, 200 mile bike, 52.4 mile run


Penticton Herald - newspaper

More Media:



English: yes
Crew English: yes
Hike: yes
Permit: yes