Name: Pascale MARTIN
City: GRAY
Country: FRANCE

Nationality: French
Occupation: teacher of biology
Birthday: 14.06.69
Age: 32
T-Shirt: S

Number of Years Running: 8
Number of Marathons: 12


50k-- 1998 : trail of "pain d'épices", Velars-Sur-Ouche (France) Foot race of 62 km, undulating path ; positive slope: 1400 m. Finishing time : 7H23'. General ranking : 12°/48 - women's ranking : 1°.

-1998 : "6000 D", La Plagne (France, Alpes). Foot race of 55 km, mountain track ; positive slope : 3 000 m. Finishing time : 6H38'15'' General ranking : 279°/700 - Women's ranking : 18°

-2000 : trail of "pain d'épices", Velars-Sur-Ouche (France). Finishing time : 8H56'45". General ranking : 61/71.


100km-- 1997 : 1OO km of Saint-Vit (France). Finishing time : 11H14'11'' General ranking : 43°

- 1998 : 100 km of Saint-Vit (France). Finishing time : 9H42'17'' General ranking : 20°

- 1999 : 100 km of Saint-Vit (France). Finishing time : 9H18' General ranking : 58°/135 Women's ranking : 6°

- 2000 : 100 km of Gerardmer (France). Finishing time : 9H30'04'' General ranking : 75° - Women's ranking : 5° General ranking : 20°


100mi+-- 1999 : Marathon des Sables (Morocco, desert). Foot race with six stages, free style, and with food sufficiency. Distance : 225 km. Stages : 30 km - 32,5 km - 37 km(dunes) - 74 km - 42 km - 9,5 km. Finishing time : 25H37'22'' General ranking : 47°/563 - Women's ranking : 3°/64

- 2000 : Marathon des Sables (Morocco, desert). Distance : 235,5 km. Stages : 28 km - 34 km - 37 km(dunes) - 76 km - 42 km - 18,5 km. Finishing time : 27H52'45'' General ranking : 37°/581 - Women's ranking : 1°/54

- 2000 : Desert Cup (Jordan, desert) Free style, non-stop foot race with food self sufficiency over a distance of 168 km to be completed in less than 62 hours. The 168 km route covers a wide viriety of terrain : 104 km of sand, 23 km of undulating track and 41 km of mountain track. Finishing time : 27H14'23" General ranking : 5°/172 - Women's ranking : 1°/18

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Best Ultra Run Experience:

The best experience I had in long distance running has been the second "Marathon des Sables"(MDS) in 2000. I finished the first MDS with the very pleasant sensation to have learnt a lot on myself and on the way of anticipating, then of dealing with such a test. The whole period of preparation of 2000 version of MDS has been a real enchantment for me : I took a lot of pleasure listening to my body, being sensitive to its reactions, learning how to become familiar with my pain in order to rule it and later on to go beyond it. Hundred of times, I endured the trial in my head, setting myself speeds to respect and a goal to reach. During the race, because of the gradual work I made in my mind, I could control the moments of well-being and analyze the difficult times with more calmness. Supreme pleasure : the mind finally dominated the body. We then have the feeling we exist.

Weird Experience:

My first MDS in 1999 has been the most strange experience. Indeed, in these circumstances: I discovered magnificent landscapes, of an amazing beauty ; it's a real love story which started between the desert and myself. For me who is very lonely and eager for silence, the immense desert spaces are e real paradise. - I lived a human story of an exceptional intensity ; to have a common objective, il creates strong and definite ties.


The most important challenge has been the Desert Cup in November 2000. For the first time, question was :
- to run more than 100 km in one single stage, on a difficult course and climatic conditions.
- to run alone.
- to run during a complete night (during the MDS, the time of night running did not exceed 2H30).


I run ultras :
- to exist.
- to find the unexpected and to be able to take my decisions, without being under the influence of other people.
- to bring out the best of myself, taking great pleasure in doing it.
- to exceed the interrogations and to reach the state in which I know that nothing can stop me.
- to discover other people.

It's also an original way to discover a country.

Why badwater:

I want to run Badwater to exceed my limits, to discover new sensations.

Other Exp.:


No, I won't.

More Media:

No, I won't.


I gave the bonus I received for the two MDS to "restaurants du coeur", a French association which gives meals to the poorest during winter time. The reason for this gift ? I simply think we cannot have everything. According to me, since I discovered long distance running, I had the privilege of living outstanding human experiences, whereas other people cannot even satisfy their vital needs : it's an invaluable richness to be able to go beyond one's dreams. Therefore, it seems to me natural to be generous. To live a passion must not prevent us to keep the eyes opened on the world.

English: yes
Crew English: no
Hike: yes
Permit: yes