Name: Vilma Mejia
City: Glendale
State: CA
Country: USA

Nationality: U.S.A.
Occupation: Auth.OFCR Supp. Specialist II
Age on July 25, 2001:49
T-Shirt Size:Large

Number of Years Running:14 years running ( 9 years running ultras only)
Total number of marathons you have completed:11 +

50K : 4 -Santa Barbara
-Santa Monica (2)
-Orange (12Hrs)

50 Mi : 4 -Avalon
-Bulldog (2) (Santa Monica)

100Km : 2

100Mi: 2, Twice Angeles Crest

100Mi+ - none

Previous Badwater Course Experience as a racer:

1999, I did not finish,stop at the 42 M

Previous Badwater Course Experience as crew or pacer None

Previous Badwater Course Clinic experience: Yes,1999

Best ultrarunning experience. Which event, when, and why?

Angeles Crest 100,in 1991.Wasn?t a hard run, many runners mentioned that it's very hard but after the run I did feel great and very happy

Weirdest ultrarunning experience. Which event, when, and why?

None all the ultras are very special and challenge

Most challenging ultrarunning experience. Which event, when, and why?

Leadville 100, 1995:was raining very hard and was freezing

Why do you run ultras?

Ultras are very challenging,self discovery through the challenges (mental & physical) and also I meet the most caring and friendly people

Why do you want to race Badwater?

Because it's very challenging and a great race

Other ultrasport experience, such as cycling, multisport, adventure

Twice bicycling from San Francisco to Glendale and once from Glendale to San Francisco (during the summer).1995 and 1996 California AIDS which is a ride from San Francisco to Westwood total of miles an each ride was 575 miles. Others bicycling events like century, double centuries. Also triathlons

Will you, personally, cover this event for any media? If so, for what media?


Will you have any media accompanying you to cover this event? If so, for what media?

Not right now. Possible in the future I do not know which media

Will your participation in this event benefit any charity? If so, which and why?

Maybe, I?m waiting for an answer from the organization.CBA (Caring For Babies With AIDS). I?m doing because; they need so much besides love and I love them so much the I will keep raising funds for some of their needs.

Do you speak English? YES

Will at least one member of your support crew speak English? YES

Do you plan to hike beyond the Official Finish Line at Whitney Portals to the summit of Mt. Whitney? (Although not part of the race, some runners like to do it for their own personal reasons.) YES

Do you understand that you must obtain a permit in order to hike on Mt. Whitney? YES

If you have a athletic resumé or bio, please cut and paste it:

Beside participating an some of the races I do run & bike like:running from my house (Glendale ) to Simi Valley and back (twice a month) Bike from Glendale to Santa Barbara or San Diego.