Name: Don Meyer
City: Westminster
State: MD
Country: USA

Nationality: US
Occupation: Wholesale Florist
Birthday: 7-24-47
Age: 54
T-Shirt: X LG

Number of Years Running: 27
Number of Marathons: 9


50k-Catoctin 50 km, August 1999, Frederick, MD,7 hr. 30 min.
Fat Ass 50 km, 1-1-1999,Columbia, MD, 5 hr.
Crown King Scramble, Feb 2000, Phoenix, AZ, 7 hr. 10 min.

50mi-JFK 50, Nov. 1991, Boonsboro, MD, 13 hr. 28 min.
JFK 50, Nov. 1992, Boonsboro, MD, 11 hr. 13 min.
JFK 50, Nov. 1998, Boonsboro, MD, 10 hr. 58 min.
JFK 50, Nov. 1999, Boonsboro, MD, 10 hr. 55 min.


100mi- Fulton County, PA American Cancer Society Relay for Life (unsanctioned), May 19, 2000, Mconnellsburg, PA, 22 hr.15 min. (1/4 mi. track)


Previous Badwater Racing:
Previous Badwater Crewing: 2000 crewed and paced Erika Gerhardt
Previous Badwater Clinic

Best Ultra Run Experience:

Two are at the top of my list

  1. On my 50th birthday covered the "Going to the Sun Highway" in Glacier Nat. Park, MT (50 mi.) supported by my family and closest friends (11 hr. 20 min.)
  2. 100 mi. on track in Mconnellsburg, PA. in May of 2000 to raise funds (American Cancer Society) in honor of my best friend's deceased parents. The flow of emotions for our efforts was very inspiring!

Weird Experience:

Not weird - just unexplanable - while assisting Erika Gerhardt in BW last year saw some amazing things in the sky early AM Friday on Townes Hill.


In their own way, each one was very challenging!


To have a level of physical fitness that allows me (at least in my mind)to live life with "no limits". I love to "scramble" mt. peaks and enjoy the physical training required to safely indulge in this passion.

Why badwater:

To me Badwater is more than an ultra - it is an epic journey in self discovery... The experiences from crewing / pacing in the 2000 event continue to impact my life on a daily basis - the desert is an awesome place...

Other Exp.:

In the early 80's did a number of short course tri-athalons. Long, fast pack day hikes in remote areas of Montana and Canadian Rockies


More Media:



American Cancer Society, Mconnellsburg, PA - to raise funds honoring deceased relatives and friends. My Father died of cancer.

English: yes
Crew English: yes
Hike: no
Permit: yes