Name: Rick Miller
City: Ridgecrest
State: CA

Country: US

Nationality: American
Occupation: Civil Servant, Ret. U.S. Navy Diving Officer
Birthday: 12-08-54
Age: 46
T-Shirt: XL

Number of Years Running: 31
Number of Marathons: 12


50k-Mule Run,7-98,Bishop,CA,50Km,6:58(not sure of finishing time)
Dam Tough Run,10-17-98, Lake Isabella,CA,50Km, 5:40:41 (10th)
Othtc High Desert Ultra,12-06-98,Ridgecrest,CA,50Km, 5:26:26 (62nd)
San Gabriel Mountains,1-30-99,Arcadia,CA,50Km,6:39:39 (52nd)
Crown King,3-20-99,Crown King,AZ,50Km,7:33:26 (139th)
Othtc High Desert Ultra,12-05-99,Ridgecrest,CA,50Km, 5:01:22 (46th)

50mi-American River 50 Mile Endurance Run,4-10-99, Sacramento,CA,50 miles,9:35:50,(244th)
Leona Divide 50 Miler,4-17-99,Lake Hughes,CA,50 miles,11:47:04,(105th)
Bishop High Sierra Ultras,5-15-99,Bishop,CA,50 miles,11:26:51, (33rd)


100mi-Angeles Crest 100 Mile Endurance Run,9-25-99, Wrightwood,CA,100miles,32:16:31, (83rd)

100mi+-Coyote Four Play,2-25-99,Ventura County,CA,
128.8 miles, 120.7 cumalative thru four days,in 27:54, at a 13:53 pace, (8th)

Previous Badwater Racing:
Previous Badwater Crewing: Crewed and Paced for Michael Styllas 2000
Previous Badwater Clinic

Best Ultra Run Experience:

My best Ultra running experience occured during the Coyote Four Play (2-25-99), I was inspired by the event. The course was tough, but having to rush to the motel, shower, drive to dinner, eat, drive back to the room, tape feet, prepare equipment and try to sleep was really a great experience. I didn't know how much fun an Ultra event could be until Chris Scott and the JABOY's put the C4P together.

Weird Experience:

Most non ultra running people would say that running an Ultra is pretty weird. I haven't had a weird ultra yet, but I'm looking forward to my first one.


Angeles Crest 100 Mile Endurance Run, 9-25-99. It's a 100 miles.


To challenge my soul.

Why badwater:

I live in Ridgecrest, located in the Indian Wells Valley a couple valley's west of Death Valley. I would like to race Badwater because seeing the run for the first time while crewing and pacing for Michael Styllas inspired me and I would like to see if my soul is up for the challenge.

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English: yes
Crew English: yes
Hike: yes
Permit: yes