Name: Matt Palocsay
City: Los Angeles
State: CA
Country: USA

Nationality: USA
Occupation: administration
Birthday: 1/26/77
Age: 24
T-Shirt: Large

Number of Years Running: 9
Number of Marathons: 9


50k-5 total
Holcomb Valley 50km, Big Bear CA: 99-6:45 2000-6:20
San Juan Trails 50km, San Juan Capistrano CA 2000-5:56
San Gabriel Mtns. 50km, Mt Wilson CA 2000-5:45
Bulldog 50km, Malibu CA 2000-6:06 (2nd in age group)

50mi-2 total
Leona Divide 50m, Palmdale CA 99-9:45 2000-9:30


100mi-2 total
Angeles Crest 100, San Gabriel Mtns CA 99-32hours 2000-entrant(sept 30)
Cascade Crest 100, Easton WA 2000-28:20 (first in age group)
Angeles Crest 100, San Gabriel Mtns CA 2000-28:30

100mi+-1 total
John Muir Trail Fastpack (solo, unassisted thru-hike) 99- 8 days

Previous Badwater Racing:
Previous Badwater Crewing: Crew/Pacer 2000 for Robert Thurber
Previous Badwater Clinic Attended/Ran at Memorial Day and July 4th Clinics in 2000

Best Ultra Run Experience:

The Angeles Crest 100 in 1999 was my best experience in ultrarunning as it was my first 100 mile finish. I wrecked my knee by mile 68 and could only walk for the last 32 miles, but i pushed on and finished. That was my most significant effort in a race so far.

Weird Experience:

The weirdest experience I have had so far was hearing mexican polka music and Frank Sinatra every time I was near a stream on my John Muir Trail fastpack in 1999. After day four of poor sleep, poor nutrition, 30 miles/day with a 25lb. pack I started hearing music when I was near a creek river or stream. The weirdest thing was that it didn't strike me as odd until day six.


Again, the effort I had to put forth to finish the 1999 Angeles Crest 100 was my greatest challenge so far.


To test the limits of my heart.

Why badwater:

I'm hooked; after being out there for the clinics and for the race, this is the next race for me.

Other Exp.:

ultra-sleeping (I can sleep for a rreeeeaaaaaallllllyyy long time every once in a while).



More Media:



yes. i will run to raise money for children whose lives have been touched by cancer.

English: yes
Crew English: yes
Hike: no
Permit: yes