Name: Dr. Christopher Rampacek
City: Houston
State: Texas
Country: USA

Nationality: American
Occupation: health and fitness consultant
Birthday: 01/13/52
Age: 49
T-Shirt: x large

Number of Years Running: 15
Number of Marathons: 76



50mi-Sunmart Trail 50 Miler - 12/9/2000 Huntsville State Park 9:42:53
Sunmart Trail 50 Miler - 12/12/1998 Huntsville State Park 10:22:03 #173 out of 536


100mi-Rocky Racoon Trail 100 Miler - Huntsville State Park Feb 3-4, 2001 24:43:00
Vermont 100 Mile Endurance Run 07/22/95 28:19;19 #131 out of 149


Previous Badwater Racing: none
Previous Badwater Crewing: none
Previous Badwater Clinic none

Best Ultra Run Experience:

Vermont 100 Miler in 1995: Ideal weather conditions (in July) for my first 100 mile ultra (warm and sunny). I'm a hot weather runner and I'm not real fond of really cold weather conditions. The experience gave me my first 'taste' of ultrarunning and hooked me on the sport. I was also overcoming a disabling injury and it gave me the courage to face my fears and achieve what my surgeon and others doubted that I would ever do again (and that was run). I have successfully proved everyone wrong to date and have accomplished 'miracles' (not in my mind but to others) with an artificial hip replacement joint (as my resume attests). My surgeon now introduces me as the patient who 'runs' marathons (even though he doesn't quite understand the ultra run/walk technique/philosophy.)

Weird Experience:

My friends think I'm wierd, not the experience. I like to do what other people believe is wierd. Maybe that's why I like ultra running?!


Rocky Racoon 100 Miler in February 2001: I was trying to break 24 hours and missed. Even though I took over 3+ hours off my 100 mile time I was disappointed because I blistered and slowed too much at the end. Oh well, next time!


I like doing what other people think is impossible and especially because I could be labelled as disabled with my replacement. I do not accept that I am different than others and I work hard to overcome obstacles and challenges. I see ultra running as one of the great opportunities in my life. It lets me set and accomplish personal achievements.

Why badwater:

I heard about it and talked with Richard Benyo at the Austin Marathon in February. I saw his photos and talked with Bart Yasso of Runner's World last year about it. I love to run in the heat! It's my next great adventure if I get accepted.

Other Exp.:

Just completed the South African Ironman on March 31st (my first) in 13:34:08. Awarded a complimentary Ironman Wetsuit as the 1st hip replacement patient to complete the event in Capetown, SA (if not the world).



More Media:

I might like to take some pictures since I've never been to Death Valley. I've got to show the folks back in Texas that there's heat and dry country in other parts of the world.