Name: Reg Richard
City: Pleasant Plain
State: Ohio
Country: USA

Nationality: American
Occupation: Physical Therapist
Birthday: July 1, 1951
Age: 50
T-Shirt: Medium

Number of Years Running: 23
Number of Marathons: 12 including Boston Marathon twice.


50k-Abe Lincoln, Chillicothe, Ohio 2/12/94 - 7:36:00 tied for 4th place; trail run, dead of winter under very treacherous conditions. Tom Possert (former record holder of Badwater took 2nd place in 5:58:08). Huntington Ultra Frigid Fifty, Huntington, Indiana 12/18/99 - 4:47:30 third in age group

50mi-Mt. Masochist, Liberty, Pennsylvania 10/27/90 - 9:42:29; 38th of 172 starters
Ohio Trail Endurance Run, 4/16/94 - 9:12:44 - 3rd male; 5th overall of 24 starters - mud bath
Umstead, North Carolina, Spring 1995 - 9:24
Owen Putnam State Forest, Spencer, Indiana 11/4/95 - 9:53
Sun Mart Texas Trail, Houston, Texas December, 1996 - 9:03:44; 125th of 438
Kentucky Ultra Sojourn, March, 1997 - 9:08; tied for first place
Dances with Dirt, Hell, Michigan 9/11/99 - 9:17:54; 3rd place overall


100mi-Vermont, July, 1996 - 21:31:02
Western States, June, 1997 - 27:55:49
Kettle Moraine, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, June 2-3, 2000 - 22:03; 15th place overall


Previous Badwater Racing: Vicariously completed course via 2000 webcast which was very inspirational
Previous Badwater Crewing: Familiar with course from start to Furnace Creek done while on a business trip to Las Vegas Previous Badwater Clinic N/A

Best Ultra Run Experience:

I would have to say that most of my ultra experiences have been interesting due to the varied terrain and weather conditions under which they were held. All have been physiologic challenges to one extent or another. I have found these experiences of personal interest due to the body system changes and subsequent adaptations that occur during events in order to meet the physical demand. In particular, the glycogen/muscular 'crash' of my legs three days following the flu during the 30 to 40 mile segment of a 50 mile attempt, my only DNF.

Weird Experience:

Several runs of unlimited distance and difficulty lost on a course until the alarm clock sounds.


Michigan Trail Marathon, 4/29/90 - Twisted an ankle (3rd degree sprain) in the 3rd mile and continued on to complete the course in 4:54:38 finishing 86th of 115.


Initially to keep a relationship going with a former girlfriend who is now my wife. Since then because they are an advanced challenges beyond standard road marathons which categorically had become very similiar. Each ultra course is very unique so there is a desire to test myself against various conditions. In reality, it is because any resemblance of fast-twitch while muscle fibers that I may have had in the past all have been converted over the years to aerobic red.

Why badwater:

For several reasons. First, to participate in a highly regarded event to celebrate my 50th birthday in July which hopefully will be an enjoyable - nay memorable, event. Second, to compliment the 50 pull-ups that I am training to do as well for the occasion. Third, completing Badwater will be an added notch of highest accord to date. As the adage goes, 'the harder the course, the greater the achievement.' Fourth, I think that I can run a respectable time. I have participated in three other runs that former Badwater record holder Eric Clifton has won and one event that 1999 Badwater finisher Mark Godale has participated and, based on my finish times at those events compared to theirs, I have extrapolated a Badwater finish time of between 36 - 40 hours (we'll see)! And fourth, but certainly not last, although I have participated in benefit runs before, I view Badwater as a personal and direct opportunity to finally put all the countless hours of training over the years toward the benefit of other people in need as noted under the charity section below.

Other Exp.:

Eight additional ultra runs beyond the categories listed of vary distances from 60K to 75 miles.


My crew will be telephoning in progress reports to post on the web sites of the various beneficiary organizations listed below for whom I will be running.

More Media:



Yes, I will run Badwater on behalf of several professional organizations including the American Burn Association, the Foundation for Physical Therapy, the Miami Valley Hospital Regional Burn Center in Dayton, Ohio and Circle Tail, Inc - a nonprofit, charitable organization that provides service dogs for handicapped individuals. I have made arrangements with all these Organizations to advertise the event as a fund-raiser. The dollars raised will go towards research on a national scale for the treatment of people who get seriously burned or injured, care of burned individuals on a local level, and provision of service dogs to recipients at no cost. Each Organization has set-up a tentative plan to implement this fund-raising effort pending acceptance.

English: yes
Crew English: yes
Hike: yes
Permit: no