Name: Tom Rowe
City: Livingston
State: Montana
Country: USA

Nationality: USA
Occupation: Physician--Internist
Birthday: August 11, 1948
Age: 52
T-Shirt: Large

Number of Years Running: 13
Number of Marathons: >50


50k-Jim Bridger Trail Run 2000/6/17 9hr15m 1999/6/19 8hr31m also 1998, 1997

50mi-Le Grizz Ultramarathon 50 mile Hungry Horse, Montana 2000/10/14 7hr36m 1999/10/9 8hr1m Dances with Dirt 50 Mile Hell, Michigan 1999/9/11 9hr27min 5th Place, 2nd for age. Many others including Double Crossing of Grand Canyon 1996 and Elk Mountain 50m Newcastle, Wyo 1997/6/1--3rd place in 8hr29m.

100km-Washington State University 100k Pullman, Washington 2000/4/9 11hr6m 1st in sr. division 1999/4/11 10hr54m 2nd in sr. division Have run this ten times.

Hardrock 100 Mile Silverton, Co. 2000/7/7 42hr22m 1999/7/9 38hr58m
Leadville Trail 100mile Leadville, Co. 2000/8/19 28hr10m
Also have completed Western States, Angeles Crest, Wasatch, Old Dominion, the Eagle, Mount Rushmore 100m, Superior Trail 100, Vermont 100, Arkansas Traveller, Kettle Morraine.
Best times were Vermont 100 in 1991: 22hr34m and Kettle Morraine 100 in 1998: 22hr33m.


Previous Badwater Racing: None
Previous Badwater Crewing: None
Previous Badwater Clinic None

Best Ultra Run Experience:

Hardrock 100--Beauty of course and fun of climbing and running on snow--both years, but especially 1999. LeGrizz 2000 and Kettle Morraine 100m for most satisfying running experiences.

Weird Experience:

Hardrock 100--2000--chased by two ghosts at finish line on rainy, stormy second night.


Hardrock 100 for difficulty of course. Western States 100 and Angeles Crest 100 for heat exhaustion and dehydration.


Have always liked covering long distance by foot and on skis. Each ultra is a new voyage.

Why badwater:

Love the desert and the mountains. Sounds like the most challenging race I haven't attempted.

Other Exp.:

Nordic skiing--have skiied over 70 ski marathons. Completed Worldloppet Masters in ten countries and Canadian Ski Marathon gold course (100 miles over 2 days with full pack and camp overnight on snow). Also plan Border to border crossing of Finland in March (444km ski tour}.


No, but might consider writing an article. Did have article on CSM published in Master Skier.

More Media:

No, but may have television producer for crew--not working, hopefully.



English: yes
Crew English: yes
Hike: yes
Permit: yes