Name: Ruffino Giuseppe
City: Palermo
Country: Italy

Nationality: Italian
Occupation: pharmasist
Birthday: 01/23/1967
Age: 34
T-Shirt: L

Number of Years Running: 8
Number of Marathons: 4


50k-50 KM DI ROMAGNA - Italy
5,25 hrs.


100km-100 KM DEL PASSATORE - Italy (Firenze-Faenza): Km 101,5 (road) twice:
1999= 14,34 hrs.
2000= 12,49 hrs.


100mi+-MARATHON DES SABLES - Marocco 2000: Km 235 (desert): 39,44 hrs. Finishing place: 267.

DESERT CUP - Jordan 2000: Km 168 non-stop (desert): 46,24 hrs. Finishing place: 89.

Previous Badwater Racing: NO
Previous Badwater Crewing: NO
Previous Badwater Clinic NO

Best Ultra Run Experience

DESERT CUP Edition 2000 - November 2000
Because if you want to run for 46,24 hrs, it is necessary to use your mental force and when you think "I have just finished my strength", looking around you and inside of you, you discover that you can run again.

Weird Experience:

100 KM DEL PASSATORE edition 1999 - May 1999
Because at 93 Km, when I was running in a long straight and the sun was risening in front of me, after a fly-over bridge, I saw a fantastic view: Faenza, the arrival, and behind the country, the horizon blue line.
I understood that I was arrived and I cried.


MARATHON DES SABLES edition 2000 - April 2000
3 th stage: 37 Km on sand's dunes; 53°C. In this situation I gave a little of my water to another runner who was very dehydrated. When in the distance I have seen tends of check-point I drank all my water. But the tends weren't the check-point, but turistic tends, so I walked for more of 3 Km through dunes without water. It was very hard.


What are my limits?
The ultra running experiences are also mental travels.
You can cry or enjoy yourself in the same situation.
It is a privileged manner to see the world.

Why badwater:

How my body will react?
I am looking forward to running in Death Valley.
I am sure that I will have a lot of strong sensations.

Other Exp.:

Svalbard - 1992: hiking for a month.
Alps - 1997: a lot of excursions on the glacier; I have also climbed Gran Paradise (4150 m).
Alaska - 1998: I have done Chilkoot trail, a famous and strenous trail, and some hikes in the Denali National Park.
Canadian Rockies - 1999: Some hikes (from 3 to 7 days) in Banff and Lake Luise National Park.



More Media:




English: yes
Crew English: yes
Hike: no
Permit: no