Name: Clive Saffery
City: Hong Kong
Country: Hong Kong

Nationality: British
Occupation: Sales and Marketing Director
Birthday: 6 Jan 1955
Age: 46
T-Shirt: L

Number of Years Running: 36
Number of Marathons: 15+


50k-Hong Kong Trail, March 2000 4hrs 54 mins 6th


100km-Trailwalker HK Nov 2000 17hrs 21 mins 1st Mixed Team
Passatore Italy May 2000 13hrs 27 mins
Trailwalker HK Nov 1999 18 hrs 30 mins
Taipei Nov 1998 9hrs 59 mins 12th
Trailwalker Nov 1998 18 hrs 20 mins 5th

100mi-Vermont July 1998 20hrs 36 mins 29th
Wasatch, Leadville, Vermont in earlier years.

100mi+-Badwater 2000 39hrs 55 10th
Badwater 1999 42hrs 15 17th
Marathon des Sables 1997
Western Isles Challenge 1998
Taiwan 24 Hour Race 1999 177.6km 6th

Previous Badwater Racing: 2000 39hrs 55 mins 10th
1999 42hrs 15 mins 17th
Previous Badwater Crewing: none
Previous Badwater Clinic none

Best Ultra Run Experience:

Running with my wife Jacqui on her first ultra in Florence, May 2000. She had only started running 14 months before. She celebrated her birthday half way through the race.

Weird Experience:

Overall the weirdest thing is how quickly the body forgets the pain after an event (this compensates for how quickly the body seems to remember how much pain is involved during the event).

Seeing green shooting stars at daybreak in last year's Badwater was new for me.


For me the challenge is never one event but those moments of self doubt and pain that occur in most ultras. Last year at Badwater I was hurt at mile 90 and thought I'd be out of the race. Last November I was hurting enough to consider dropping out of the Hong Kong Trailwalker race. In both cases I recovered and in both cases I'd forgotten the simple fact that no matter how much it hurts, someone out there is having a worse time than you.


Because sadly I'm only competitive in races timed with calendars and not stop watches.

Why badwater:

1. Because I am no longer imaginative to plan a better alternative as a summer holiday.
2. Because I enjoy the company of the Badwater family.

Other Exp.:

Various adventure races in Europe and Asia.



More Media:




English: yes
Crew English: yes
Hike: yes
Permit: yes

Resume: 2000 HK Trailwalker 100k 9th overall, 1st mixed team
2000 Action Asia Adventure Race Thailand
2000 Sun Precautions Badwater 135 Race 10th
2000 Passatore 100k Italy
2000 Hong Kong 50k Mountain Race 6th
1999 HK Trailwalker
1999 Honda 24 Hour Race 177.6k 6th
1999 Hi-Tec Badwater 135 mile race 17th
1999 Action Asia Adventure Race, Philippines
1998 Action Asia Adventure Race HK 4th
1998 Taipei 100k 12th
1998 HK Trailwalker 100k 5th overall, category winner.
1998 Vermont 100 Mile Endurance Run 29th, 20 hrs 36 mins
1998 Taiwan Eco Challenge 3rd
1998 Western Isles Challenge Adventure Race Scotland

1997 HK Trailwalker 100 km 5th
1997 Western States 100 mile CA
1997 Marathon des Sables Cross Sahara Run 6 days. Fastest British Masters
finisher (daily stages 27k, 29, 30k, 80k, 42k, 19k)

1996 HK Trailwalker 100km 9th category winner.
1996 Vermont 100 Mile Endurance Run

1995 HK Trailwalker 100km 5th category winner.
1995 Leadvillle, CO 100 Mile Run

1994 Wasatch UT 100 Mile Run

Apart from the above several top five finishes in HK Trailwalker, several other shorter ultramarathon runs and many marathons. Many shorter distance races, regular top 10 finisher in Masters category over all distances.