Name: Klaus Schicktanz
City: Lindau(B)
State: BAvaria
Country: Germany

Nationality: German
Occupation: medical doctor
Birthday: 29.9.51
Age: 49
T-Shirt: L

Number of Years Running:
Number of Marathons:


50k--75KM Rennsteiglauf,1997,Schmiedefeld(Germany)
Time:6:40:41 , Place:83 of 1700runners


100km--100KM Del Passatore,1996,Firenze(Italie)
Time:10:30:56 , Place:92 of 1500runners

-100KM Biel,1997,Biel(Switzerland)
Time:8:50:04 , Place:84 of 3000runners

-124KM Grand Raid de l`ile de la Reunion,1996,
La Reunion(France,Indian Ocean)
Time:26:38:07 , Place:75 of 1600runners

-124KM Grand Raid de l`ile de la Reunion,1997,
Time:27:54:00 , Place:160 of 1500runners

-128KM Grand Raid de l`ile de la Reunion,1998,
Time:28:24:20 , Place:119 of 1800runners

100mi--100Miles Western States,1996,Auburn((CA)USA)
Time:28:14:12 , Place:148

-100Miles Leadville Trail,1997,Leadville((CO)USA)
Time:27:45:30 , Place:71


Previous Badwater Racing: -----
Previous Badwater Crewing: -----
Previous Badwater Clinic -----

Best Ultra Run Experience:

Western States(1996)was my best experience. The helpfulness of the spectators,the wonderful landscape and the extreme climate was unique.

Weird Experience:

Running on the absolute altitude with thunderstorms surrounding me at the Leadville Trail,was a strange experience for me.


I participated three times at La Reunion, because the totally different landscapes impressed me.On the one hand dense jungle, on the other hand volcanic rocks. (14,ooom+/-difference of altitude)


Ultras are a kind of life-philosophy for me- running ultras is simply my hobby.

Why badwater:

This race seems to be a new challenge for me, because of it´s extreme conditions. Me and my family drove two times through Death Valley and we were fascinated by the impressions the countryside overs.

Other Exp.:



I would prbably publish an article about the experiences made at the race,in a german newspaper.

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English: yes
Crew English: yes
Hike: no
Permit: yes