Name: Geoffrey G Scott
City: Darien
State: CT
Country: USA

Nationality: usa
Occupation: private investor and company director
Birthday: 12/29/48
Age: 52
T-Shirt: large

Number of Years Running: 22
Number of Marathons: 35



50mi-Nifty Fifty, Rhode Island, 1994, 7:30
JFK, Maryland, 1999, 10:00
Vermont 50, 1997, 10:00
Vermont 50, 1998, 9:30
Bull Run Run, Virginia, 1997, 10:20


100mi-Vermont 100, 1995, 22:30
Western States, California, 1996, 27:00
Western States, California, 1997, 23:40 100th
Leadville 100, Colorado, 1998, 24:50 54th
Vermont 100, 1999, 23:00, 26th
Western States, California, 2000, 27:00


Previous Badwater Racing: None
Previous Badwater Crewing: None
Previous Badwater Clinic None

Best Ultra Run Experience:

Leadville, 1998, ran out of water half way up Hope Pass(45 miles), started cramping badly, crawled to a stream for a drink, loaded up with bananas and saltines at the top, and with the help of a great crew/pacing team, was still able to nip in under the 25 hour limit for the big buckle. I just kept repeating what Ken had told all of us:"you're better than you think you are and you can do more than you think you can do."

Weird Experience:

Probably pacing a runner in the 1998 Vermont 100. She had never tried a 100 miler, and I was supposed to pace another woman, but when they came into the aid station at 68 miles, my runner said she wasn't feeling well, couldn't break 24 hours, but that this other lady running with her really wanted to go sub-24. So I paced her instead. As we exited the aid station, I introduced myself, tried to determine her goals, etc. During the course of the conversation, she said that her running career started when her daughter was killed in a car accident, that running was her relief, and breaking 24 hours would be a major accomplishment. So I told her, very honestly, what she had to do, when to run, when to ease back, and luckily I pretty well remembered the course from 1995. And she gave me everything I asked for, and everything she had, and finally crossed the line in about 22:45. She sent me a book of poetry as thanks, but the hug I got from her at the finish line said it all because it was just a tremendous outpouring of emotion. I still get tears in my eyes from thinking about it whenever we see each other at races.


Probably my first 100 in Vermont, 1995. I had only one 50 miler under my belt so it was definitely a trip into the unknown. It was pretty hot, maybe 90, but not oppressive so I probably got away with being "green". I found out the hard way about sore quads and really had problems going downhill the last 25 miles or so, and blisters were a problem because I hadn't yet discovered trail running shoes and was running in the same Asics GT Express that I used on the roads, but the only way you learn is by experience, and I think it's fair to say that I try to learn something from every race I run.


Trail ultras often take you through some of the most beautiful(and often otherwise inaccessible) places, where frequently you can go hours without seeing another human being. But fields of wildflowers, or a full moon, or a canopy of stars, or indeed a rattlesnake, can take your mind off the physical struggle and let you focus on the earth's beauty.

Why badwater:

I was raised in New York City but some of my best memories were from trips to the Arizona desert when I was a child. The desert is stark but the flora and fauna have figured out how to survive, indeed thrive, and we can too! This race is through some very inhospitable territory but with a will to succeed and memories of Ken's advice("you're better than you think you are and you can do more than you think you can do"), I can do it!!!

Other Exp.:

I have completed 8 Ironmen races, with very fond memories of crossing the finish line in Hawaii with my three daughters aged 13,11,and 7 at the time. I like being a role model for them, letting them see that determination and preparation are prerequisites for success, and as a result, the two eldest were both All-American gymnasts last year and members of a state championship high school gymnastics team. I also have done a double Grand Canyon crossing solo, in October 1996, and I have to say that sunrise looking up from the river is a truly memorable experience.


My local paper has provided excellent coverage of my races like the Hawaii Ironman and Western States 100. Usually, they will run a small piece before the race, based on an interview with me, and then at the race I will take some photos which will be used in a longer piece after I return.

More Media:

None, but see above response.


I would like to try to raise some money for the local chapter of A Better Chance. The program is designed to give minority girls from inner city environments a chance to go to our suburban high school and get a better education than would otherwise be the case. Our family acted as a host family for one of the girls in the program last year and I would like to think that both Jennifer and our family learned a lot from the experience.

English: yes
Crew English: yes
Hike: yes
Permit: yes