Name: Rick Silverman Vulgarian
City: Ipswich
State: MA
Country: USA

Nationality: American
Occupation: physical therapist
Birthday: August 17, 1955
Age: 45
T-Shirt: X-L

Number of Years Running: +30
Number of Marathons: +25



50mi-1) Mountain Masochist 50 mi VA ~1988 0:59
2) Maine 50 mi ME ~1989 7:34
3) Bay Circuit 50 mi MA 1998 7:59


100mi-1) Vermont 100 mi VT 1989 22:20
2) Leadville 100 mi CO 1991 24:15
3) Western States 100 mi CA 1992 28:30
4) Western States 100 mi CA 1999 28:15


Previous Badwater Racing: None
Previous Badwater Crewing: None
Previous Badwater Clinic None

Best Ultra Run Experience:

Leadville 1990 & 1991:
My running partner and I ran Leadville in 1990, and did not finish at the 70 mile point. We were slammed by the altitude and underestimated the race. It was a wake up call. In 1991, we re-entered the race as John & Rick Vulgarian, changed and altered our training, giving more time for acclimitization. We finished opening the door to many ultra events over the past 10 years.

Weird Experience:

During the Leadville Trail 100, my running partner and I needed and alter ego to complete the race. Using the names John and Rick Vulgarian, we changed our whole personality. We grew beards, wore all black and used various masks throughout the race. Shirts were also given out with the Vulgarian logo and our motto: "beware of the chair" We filmed the race and completed it in grand style, showing up at the awards banquet in tuxedoes. Upon returing to MA, we held a Vulgarian party with over 150 runners and a live band. We did it in style and now want a chance to bring the Vulgarians to Badwater.


Sea to the Summit Triathlon 1999 and 2000 NH. 12 kayak (ocean), 90 bike (hilly), 9 mile mountain run, tough course, requiring multi disciplines with a run up the Tuckermans' Ravine head wall at Mt. Washington NH. I've done it twice, tenth place in 2000, very challenging course.


Several Reasons:

  1. test my endurance capacity
  2. I like the training
  3. see how I deal with the mental pressure
  4. great competitors in the field
  5. I like training and racing with my training partner
  6. gives me a chance to see new areas of the country
  7. gives me inner strength that ultimately allows me to improve my life outside at sports

Why badwater:

Two Reasons:

  1. it's a very challenging course that uses the elements of temperature, distance, and altitude coupled with self sufficiency. This demanding race is a must-do. I've been reading about it for years and now I need to make the move.
  2. I like the name, "Badwater"

Other Exp.:

1) triathlons (over 30 in number) sprint to ultra distance 2.2 swim, 112 cycle, 26.2 run (best time 10:30 @ Ultra distance) recent Sea to the Summit (see most challenging above)

1) rock climb to 5.9 lead 1987- present
2) ice climb to lead class V 1988- present
Mt Rainer Dissappointment Clever route ~1995
Mt Baker Coleman Glacier ~1994
Mt Assinaboin(AKA Acid bone) BC ~1996
Mt Athabasca Alberta Silverhorn route ~1997
Cotopaxi Ecquador~1999
(48) 4,000 peaks NH
4) Kayak racing
black burn challenge 22 mile ocean MA: 6th, 9th place 1998, 2000
5) adventure hiking
6) Hut Traverse White Mountains 26 hr. 1998
7) psycho 24 hour Cycle Rally 306 miles- 1986
352 miles- 1987


1) Metro Sports Magazine
exclusive article "Vulgarian Brothers in Badwater"
2) local newpaper(s)
Salem Evening News
Ipswich Chronicle

More Media:


Transplant Awareness:
My wife had a liver transplant 4 1/2 years ago. I support this cause and want others to be aware of the need for transplants. This cause is very dear to me.

English: yes
Crew English: yes
Hike: yes
Permit: yes

Resume: Notation:
I wish to run this with my running partner John Vulgarian. Please consider us together. Thank you in advance.