Name: Paul Stone
City: Bullard
State: Texas
Country: U.S.

Nationality: American
Occupation: Writer
Birthday: 12/18/1961
Age: 39
T-Shirt: Large

Number of Years Running: 13
Number of Marathons: 5


50k-11/2000 Rockledge Rumble 50K, Grapevine, TX, 6:14
10/2000 Halloween Haunted Trail 50K, Burnet, TX, 7:36
2/2000 Syllamore Trail 50K, Allison, AR., 6:14
2/2000 White Rock Mountain 50K, Arkansas, 6:23:51
11/99 Rockledge Rumble 50K, Grapevine, TX, 6:30
3/99 Mississippi Trail 50K, Laurel, MS, 5:48
12/98 Sunmart Texas Trail 50K, Huntsville, TX, 5:55:18
6/98 Run Tex 50K (road), Austin, TX, 4:48
1/97 Jackson Five-O 50K, Dallas, TX, finished (time unavailable)
11/96 Rockledge Rumble 50K, Grapevine, TX, 6:19
1/96 Jackson Five-0 50K, Dallas, TX, finished (time unavailable)
2/93 Lake Georgetown 50K, Georgetown, TX, 7:25

50mi-3/2000 Cross Timbers Trail 50, Lake Texoma, TX, 11:29
12/99 Sunmart Texas Trail 50, Huntsville, TX, 10:19
1/99 Dallas Five-0, Dallas, TX, 9:25
3/98 Cross Timbers Trail 50, Lake Texoma, TX, 11:42
1/98 Dallas Five-0, Dallas, TX, 8:25
12/96 Sunmart Texas Trail 50, Huntsville, TX, 10:35
5/93 Ouachita Trail 50, Little Rock, AR, 10:48
3/93 Cross Timbers Trail 50, Lake Texoma, TX, 10:45
12/92 Sunmart Texas Trail 50, Huntsville, TX 10:18
5/92 Ouachita Trail 50, Little Rock, AR, 11:15
1/92 Dallas Five-0, Dallas, TX, 8:28

100km-5/2000 Tall Pines 100K Trail Run, Burnet, TX, 12:53

100mi-2/99 Rocky Raccoon 100, Huntsville, TX, 25:31:00
7/92 Vermont Trail 100, Woodstock, VT, 23:21::15 (109th place)

100mi+-7/2000 Badwater Ultra Marathon, 135 miles, Death Valley, Calif., 53:21:20 (36th place overall)
5/93 and 6/93 Trans Texas Run for the Homeless, ran 670 miles in 17 days from the Texas/Mexico border in Brownsville to the Texas/Oklahoma border just north of Paris; was the only one of two runners to complete the journey, so I guess that makes me first
11/92 Dallas Ultra Runners/Plano Pacers 48-Hour Track Run, Plano, TX, 150.62 miles (third place overall)

Previous Badwater Racing: Finished the 2000 Badwater Ultra Marathon in a time of 53:21:20, 36th place overall
Previous Badwater Crewing: None
Previous Badwater Clinic Participated in 2000 Badwater Memorial Day Clinic

Best Ultra Run Experience:

It is difficult to distinguish between my 50-plus ultra marathons because they all are the "best" in their unique way. Running across Texas was definitely a thrill; covering more than 150 miles in a 48-hour event was an accomplishment; and finishing the 2000 Badwater Ultra Marathon after fighting the demons takes a back seat to none.

Weird Experience:

During the 1993 Trans Texas Run, a handful of apparent illegal aliens emerged from the woods while we took a break at a roadside park, about 100 miles north of the Texas/Mexico border. We gave them lots of "agua" and hopefully they are safe today. Later that day, I ran through a border patrol checkpoint, dodging the cars and waving at officers.


The 48-hour track run, Trans Texas Run and Badwater Ultra Marathon rank at the top of the list. Like all ultra runners, I had to reach deep within to find the will and desire to finish those races. Each was a special personal "victory."


Running ultras and taking on seemingly-impossible challenges quenches my competitive thirsts. The excitement of placing the bar so far above one's reach and then wondering how in the heck you are going to clear it is indescribable. I have failed before, I will likely fail again. But hopefully, I will long be in the game, always the persistent "trier."

Why badwater:

Who said anything about RACING Badwater? Shoot, I just want to finish again. Seriously though, anybody can finish Badwater once. Let's see if I can come back and do it again. What a challenge! Experiencing the event and hopefully finishing will be my primary goal, while breaking 48 hours will be my secondary motivation.

Other Exp.:



Being a news writer for an East Texas newspaper (Palestine Herald-Press), I am certain I will be writing multiple articles about the event.

More Media:

At this point, I am not certain although I will give both local TV stations in Tyler (KLTV and KETK) advance notice so they can budget for such a trip.


My charity, Living Alternatives, provides a home and services for young girls in unplanned pregnancies who have chosen to have their child. LA focuses more on educating and preparing the mother — who oftentimes has little family or other support — and is not involved in any radical activities. Click for more info.

English: yes
Crew English: yes
Hike: yes
Permit: yes