Name: Uli Weber
City: W├╝rgau
State: Bayern
Country: Germany

Nationality: German
Occupation: Sportpromotion
Birthday: May, 23. 1949
Age: 52 Years
T-Shirt: L

Number of Years Running: 20
Number of Marathons: 100


50k-10 Races in Germany


100km-3 Times Biel, Swizzerland, Best Time 08:24 Hours,
German Championchips, 3 Times,
10 Races, Best Time 07:46 Hours.

100mi-Comrades Marathon in South-Africa, Time: 07:20 Hours,
in the year 1994,
Long Distance Duathlon 'Powerman' in Spalt and Zofingen, 6 Times,
Ironman in Roth, 3 Times, Best Time: 10:30 Hours

100mi+-Brasil Ironman, 3.Place in my age group 1998,
Ultraman Hawaii, 1998, 10th Place overall,
Marathon des Sables 1999.

Previous Badwater Racing: 2000, 19th Place overall in 45 Hours
Previous Badwater Crewing:
Previous Badwater Clinic

Best Ultra Run Experience:

Badwater and Ultraman Hawaii because that are no normal races.

Weird Experience:



The Ultras are realy good for my mind.

Why badwater:

In the first Badwater race you don't know the course, the heat, the difficult distance. In the second time it will be much more better

Other Exp.:

Sometimes cycling


More Media:


English: yes
Crew English: yes
Hike: yes
Permit: yes