The 2003 Badwater Ultramarathon Webcast

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Registration Headshots
Story and images by Greg Minter, 7/21/03
Full biographical info for all entrants

P7210011 P7210012 P7210013 P7210014 P7210015 P7210016
P7210017 P7210018 P7210019 P7210020 P7210021 P7210022
P7210023 P7210025 P7210026 P7210027 P7210028 P7210029
P7210030 P7210031 P7210032 P7210033 P7210034 P7210035
P7210036 P7210037 P7210038 P7210039 P7210040 P7210041
P7210042 P7210043 P7210044 P7210045 P7210046 P7210047
P7210048 P7210049 P7210050 P7210051 P7210052 P7210053
P7210054 P7210055 P7210056 P7210057 P7210058 P7210059
P7210060 P7210061 P7210062 P7210063 P7210064 P7210065
P7210066 P7210067 P7210068 P7210069 P7210070 P7210071
P7210072 P7210073 P7210074 P7210075 P7210076 P7210077
P7210078 P7210079 P7210080

GRINS AND GRIMACES The "mug shot" has become part of the Badwater pre-race ritual. Sign in. Get your goodie bag. Get your number. Up against the wall. Aside from the frequent jokes comparing the process to standing for a police line-up, I think the mug shot tells you a little about the frame of mind. The worriers look worried. The happy go lucky are grinning. The experienced have a look of calm. Of course, they could all be kidding. But I don't really think so. Well, I suppose you could blame the photographer, but it's a pretty rote process once you get going, and we hope you enjoy following along. You can't tell the players without a program!