The 2003 Badwater Ultramarathon Webcast

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Out of the Furnace and into the Sky: Ascending Townes Pass at Night
Photos by Chris Kostman, 7.22.03

P7220105 P7220106 P7220107 P7220108 P7220109
P7220110 P7220111 P7220112 P7220113 P7220114
P7220116 P7220117 P7220118 P7220119 P7220120
P7220121 P7220122 P7220123 P7220124 P7220125
P7220126 P7220127 P7220128 P7220129 P7220130
P7220132 P7220133 P7220134 P7220135 P7220136
P7220137 P7220138 P7220139 P7220140 P7220141
P7220142 P7230143 P7230145 P7230146