The 2003 Badwater Ultramarathon Webcast

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Christopher Bergland and Monica Sholz on Portal Road and their Finishes
Photos by Chris Kostman and Debbie Caplan, 7/23/03

P7230001 P7230002 P7230003 P7230004 P7230005
P7230006 P7230007 P7230008 P7230009 P7230010
P7230011 P7230012 P7230013 P7230014 P7230015
P7230016 P7230017 P7230018 P7230019 P7230020
P7230021 P7230022 P7230023 P7230024 P7230025
P7230026 P7230027 P7230028 P7230029 P7230030
P7230031 P7230032 P7230033 P7230034 P7230035
P7230036 P7230037 P7230038 P7230039 P7230040
P7230041 P7230042