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By Greg Minter

Lots of people combine "what they do" with "what they love." But when it's ultrarunning that you love, well, there's just not big prize money to be had. (In fact, for those who love the sport, it's the old-school amateur athletics spirit that's part of the sport's appeal.) But Gillian Robinson and Don Lundell have managed to bridge that gap with the creation of Zombie Runner (, an online store that they've created to share the products that they know work. The site also features lots of information on running in general and ultrarunning in particular.

Both past Badwater finishers, Don and Gillian wanted to use Zombie Runner to distribute a foot care kit for each participant. The kit included specialized tape and blister care equipment that will come in handy on race day.

"It's tough," says Gillian. "We don't get to run as much as we used to. We're always traveling to events. We were just at Western States. We'll be at the Los Angeles Marathon in the spring. But things are working out great, and we're really having a lot of fun."

To contact the Zombies, call them at 650-852-1282, or drop them an email at