PLEASE NOTE: Two nearby campers reported "giant trees just across the creek from our campsite engulfed in flames" to us while we were stationed at the Whitney Portal finish line on Tuesday night at about 930am. Approximately 28 runners had completed the course when I radioed in a 911 call via our race headquarters down the mountain in Lone Pine. Within 45 minutes, an Inyo County Sheriff’s deputy arrived with lights flashing and tires squealing. He pulled up with his window down, saying something to the effect of "Get out of here immediately. There's a fire. Do not stop to pick up anything. Get in your cars and LEAVE NOW!" He then raced off to alert others in the area. We scrambled to grab the bare necessities (finish line tape, medals, buckles, cameras, and computers) while rookie entrant Dennis Koors literally sprinted around emergency vehicles and the deluge of departing cars to cross the finish line at 10:13pm. I took his photo (minus the finish line tape as there was nobody to hold it up), then jumped in my van as he jumped into his support vehicle.

We headed down the mountain, discovering a serious forest fire less than 100 yards from the road, not one mile from our finish line. Dozens of giant trees were engulfed in flames from bottom to top. Firefighters and fire trucks were everywhere and a scramble of cars was disgorging down the mountain. I raised our Mile 131 time station on the radio and they told me they were aware of the situation above them, but had been told by the authorities that they could remain at their location. We made the decision to make that location the official finish line from that point onwards. We were all lucky that the wind was blowing down the mountain, not uphill towards our finish line located at the end of a dead end road.

We salute every race finisher and their tremendously positive response to a difficult situation. Thankfully, no lives were lost and the fire was contained during the night. We also salute the US Forest Service, Inyo County Sheriff's Department, and CAL Fire for their fast response and professionalism, and for allowing us to maintain the mile 131 finish line just at the periphery of the fire zone while they did their job.

    Racer Mug Shots (by Joe Garza)

    Racers and Crew (by Joe Garza)

    Pre-Race Meeting Setup (by Anna Leeg)

    Runner Check-In, Part 1 (by Anna Leeg)

    Runner Check-In, Part 2 (by Anna Leeg)

    Pre-Race Meeting (by Anna Leeg)

    6am Start, Part 1 (by Anna Leeg)

    6am Start, Part 2 (by Anna Leeg)

    6am Wave on the Road (by Chris Kostman)

    8am Start, Part 1 (by Anna Leeg)

    8am Start, Part 2 (by Anna Leeg)

    8am Wave on the Road (by Chris Kostman)

    10am Start, Part 1 (by Anna Leeg)

    10am Start, Part 2 (by Anna Leeg)

    10am Wave on the Road (by Chris Kostman)

    Pre-Race and on the Road (by Poosa Kostman)

    Furnace Creek to Stovepipe Wells - All Waves (by Chris Kostman)

    Stovepipe Wells to Panamint Springs, including all race leaders (by Chris Kostman)

    Panamint Springs to Darwin - Race leaders (by Chris Kostman)

    On the Road: Furnace Creek to Panamint to Panamint Springs (by Poosa Kostman)

    More from On the Road: Furnace Creek to Panamint Springs (by Anna Leeg)

    Lone Pine Runners and Staff, 11AM – 4:45PM Tuesday (by Poosa Kostman)

    Lone Pine Runners and Staff, Tuesday Evening (by Poosa Kostman)

    Lone Pine, Wednesday Morning and Early Afternoon (by Poosa Kostman)

    Lone Pine, Wednesday Afternoon (by Poosa Kostman)

    Runners and Crew in Lone Pine (by Anna Leeg)

    Race Staff (by Anna Leeg)

    Post-Race Pizza Party, Part 1 (by Anna Leeg)

    Post-Race Pizza Party, Part 2 (by Anna Leeg)

    Post-Race Pizza Party, Part 3 (by Poosa Kostman)

    135Mi Finish: 1st Place Marcos Farinazzo and 2nd Place Oswaldo Lopez (by Chris Kostman)

    135Mi Finish: Zach Gingerich, Charlie Engle, and women's champion Jamie Donaldson (by Chris Kostman)

    135Mi Finish: Pacheco, DeGuia, Eggenreich (by Chris Kostman)

    135Mi Finish: Reed, McCarthy, Edinger, Hollon, Gunderson, Benke, Lusskandl, Hutchison (by Chris Kostman)

    135Mi Finish: Gayter, Jones, Madl, Ng, Murri, Lebrun, Belitu, Youngren, Gleason, Fortney, Branco, Karnazes (by Chris Kostman)

    135Mi Finish: Natraj, Carrion, Marshall, Springman, Westergaard, Teres Costa, Scholz, Koors (by Chris Kostman)

    TS6/Mi131 Finish: Jacaway, Chasilew, Saffery, Tamati, Straw, Whalen, McKinney, Prost-Dumont, Conill, Lemus, Aldovini, Andrews, Farar-Griefer, Ostor, Frixe, Marinsik, Zwarkowski (by Chris Kostman)

    TS6/Mi131 Finish: Corbin, Humphrey, Cantu, Sheridan, Portera, Bonato, Thurston, Cutt, Radich (by Chris Kostman)

    135Mi Finish - Webb, Olson, Blangy, Conill, Corbin, McKinney, CHP Scott entertains, Cooper Imhof, Sanchez, Cockbain, Scholz, Portera (by Chris Kostman)

    135Mi Finish: Peggy Gaudet, Todd Baum, Scott Weber, plus Bradley, Camara, and Begay en route to the finish (by Chris Kostman)

    135Mi Finish: Final Finishers Bill Bradley, Cas Camara (finished after cut-off), and Arnold Begay (by Cory Linkel)

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    Race Operations Team: Mike Angelos, Poosa Kostman, Jack & Mags Denness, Leon Draxler, Scott Dakus, Andy Dakus, Joe Garza, Don Meyer, Steve and Karen Gray, John Wiley, Phil & Kari Marchant, Chris Frost, Jay Hodde, Cory Linkel, Mike Henebry, Scott Wall, Randy Klassen, Bruce Gungle, Thalia Kostman, Mary Kashurba, Sophie Kashurba, Dennis Hinman, John Marino, and Chris Kostman

    Retail: The duo: Don Lundell and Gillian Robinson

    Medical Team: Lisa Bliss, Tim Englund, Dave Heckman, Woofie Humpage, Kim Keeley, Jeff Lynn, George Miller, Alene Nitzky, Steve Teal, and Mary Kashurba

    Foot Care: John Vonhoff, Denise Jones, and Jacqueline Florine

    CNN Video Team: Dan Dominy, Lana Corless, and Jon Gay