AdventureCORPS Presents the 2010 Badwater Ultramarathon

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6am on the road, July 12 - Photos by Miriam Airhart

IMG_3683 IMG_3685 IMG_3686 IMG_3690 IMG_3695
IMG_3696 IMG_3698 IMG_3701 IMG_3703 IMG_3705
IMG_3708 IMG_3709 IMG_3711 IMG_3712 IMG_3713
IMG_3715 IMG_3716 IMG_3718 IMG_3719 IMG_3721
IMG_3724 IMG_3726 IMG_3727 IMG_3731 IMG_3732
IMG_3733 IMG_3734 IMG_3735 IMG_3736 IMG_3741
IMG_3742 IMG_3743 IMG_3744 IMG_3745 IMG_3746
IMG_3748 IMG_3749 IMG_3750 IMG_3751 IMG_3754
IMG_3756 IMG_3757 IMG_3760 IMG_3763 IMG_3765
IMG_3770 IMG_3842 IMG_3843 IMG_3849 IMG_3850
IMG_3851 IMG_3852 IMG_3853 IMG_3854 IMG_3855
IMG_3856 IMG_3857 IMG_3858 IMG_3860 IMG_3861
IMG_3862 IMG_3877 IMG_3878 IMG_3879 IMG_3881
IMG_3884 IMG_3885 IMG_3887 IMG_3893 IMG_3894
IMG_3895 IMG_3897 IMG_3898 IMG_3899 IMG_3903
IMG_3905 IMG_3907 _MG_3655 _MG_3658 _MG_3659
_MG_3663 _MG_3665 _MG_3667 _MG_3673 _MG_3674
_MG_3678 _MG_3679 _MG_3730 _MG_3739 _MG_3773
_MG_3776 _MG_3777 _MG_3778 _MG_3779 _MG_3780
_MG_3785 _MG_3787 _MG_3794 _MG_3798 _MG_3799
_MG_3801 _MG_3806 _MG_3807 _MG_3814 _MG_3815
_MG_3821 _MG_3822 _MG_3824 _MG_3826 _MG_3829
_MG_3834 _MG_3865 _MG_3866 _MG_3875