AdventureCORPS Presents the 2010 Badwater Ultramarathon

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Furnace Creek to Panamint Springs (Part 1) - July 12 - Photos by Miriam Airhart

IMG_4449 IMG_4456 IMG_4457 IMG_4464 IMG_4469
IMG_4471 IMG_4483 IMG_4487 IMG_4491 IMG_4497
IMG_4511 IMG_4521 IMG_4523 IMG_4524 IMG_4526
IMG_4527 IMG_4533 IMG_4536 IMG_4545 IMG_4549
IMG_4554 IMG_4557 IMG_4559 IMG_4565 IMG_4566
IMG_4567 IMG_4570 IMG_4580 IMG_4586 IMG_4587
IMG_4589 IMG_4591 IMG_4593 IMG_4594 IMG_4600
IMG_4604 IMG_4607 IMG_4609 IMG_4614 IMG_4616
IMG_4621 IMG_4624 IMG_4625 IMG_4628 IMG_4635
IMG_4638 IMG_4640 IMG_4647 IMG_4648 IMG_4649
IMG_4650 IMG_4651 IMG_4655 IMG_4662 IMG_4665
IMG_4667 IMG_4670 IMG_4671 IMG_4673 IMG_4677
IMG_4680 IMG_4684 IMG_4691 IMG_4693 IMG_4696
IMG_4701 IMG_4715 2 IMG_4717 2 IMG_4733 2 IMG_4737 2
IMG_4747 2 IMG_4753 2 IMG_4762 2 IMG_4763 2 IMG_4766 2
IMG_4774 2 IMG_4779 2 IMG_4780 2 IMG_4783 2 IMG_4786 2
IMG_4797 2 IMG_4804 2 IMG_4808 IMG_4810 IMG_4812
IMG_4814 IMG_4821 IMG_4824 IMG_4828 IMG_4830
IMG_4832 IMG_4834 IMG_4836 IMG_4846 IMG_4848
IMG_4849 IMG_4852 IMG_4854 IMG_4855 IMG_4857
IMG_4858 IMG_4860