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    Pam Reed Struggles Through Furnace Creek

    Pre-Race Meeting Highlights

    Badwater: National Anthem

    Beginning On the Road

    Climbing Towne Pass

    Click here for the rest of the 2011 Race Videos!

    Webcast Production Team: Keith Kostman, Anna Leeg, Marcus Edvalson, and Chris Kostman

    Webcast Video Team: Rachel Schmitt, Lauren McMachon and Angel Rincon

    Photography: Ron Jones, Chris Kostman, Poosa Kostman, Dave & Margaret Nelson, and Jimena Rodriguez

    Race Operations Team: Mike Angelos, Jeff Bell, Ruben Cantu, Scott Dakus, Leon Draxler, Tracy Fisher, Mandy Genato, Ricky Herrera, Chris Kostman, Poosa Kostman, Joe Garza, Steve Gray, Ashley Gray, Jay Hodde, Mary Kashurba, Sophie Kashurba, Tim Kjenstad, Cory Linkel, Don Meyer, John Marino, John Marino, Jr., Scott Wall, John Wiley, Don Lundell & Gillian Robinson with ZombieRunner

    Medical Team: Megan Dell, Dave Heckman, Jeff Lynn, Steve Teal, Andrea Harrell, Francis Ignacio

    Foot Care: Denise Jones and John Vonhoff