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Badwater Cape Fear Updates (in reverse chrono order)

March 19, 2014

Hello Badwater Cape Fear Runners and Volunteers!

Along with yesterday's update, please print NOW and bring this email - and the attached documents - with you to the race!

The race roster, including bib numbers and other details, is now online.

The splits & results link doesn't work yet, but once we start putting splits online during the race, the splits, and results, will be viewable there (tell your friends and family; also, load the link in your smart phone if you want to track your frenemies during the race).

The webcast of the race will be centered here. We will be posting images via Instagram in real-time as we are able and as cell service permits, and to Flickr in batches as we are able. We will also post tweets from @adventurecorps. Of course, we will post time splits at Mile 12 and, eventually, results at Mile 32 and Mile 51. We might have a live webcam running at Runner Check-In and/or the finish line, depending on WiFi strength and bandwidth.

If you will post images to Instagram, FB, and such, please use #BadwaterCF so everyone can find them.

- Yes, your family can be at the start line and also at CP1 at the Bald Head Island Conservancy to cheer you on.
- Yes, they can have your drop bag / supplies for you with them at CP1. (We don't have to hold them for you; they can.)
- No, they can not drive a golf cart to CP2 or CP3 to meet you there; those locales are only accessible by running up the beach, or via two different ferries.
- Yes, your family might be able to help out with race support at CP1 at the Bald Head Island Conservancy if they want. We don't need tons of people, but if you have family who wants to help out, they can certainly offer that day. We will be busiest when the runners pass by there at Mile 3 and Mile 4 (800am to 830am), and at Mile 12 (900am to 1030am). There will be about a two hour gap at that point, while the runners are all on the beach, then runners will be coming through, or finishing, from noon to 945pm.

The cut-off for officially finishing the 50km is nine hours, and it is 14 hours for the 51-milers. There will be no mercy if you are late! Also, if you want to run the 51mi, you must pass the 50km / 32mi mark within eight hours! (Otherwise, you will not have enough time to trek up the beach and back again before 14 hours are up!) Yes, you can change distance categories during the race (from 50km to 51mi, or vice-versa. Remember, only 51-mile finishers received the belt buckle.

It is a very difficult concept for anyone to quit the race anywhere but on actual Bald Head Island. For example, dropping out at CP2 or CP3 would require several, o rmany, miles of walking and taking two different ferries to get back to Bald Head Island (and catching either or both ferries before they shut down for the day). So, please, do NOT trek north up the beach any further than you will be able to return under your own power.

Do NOT plan on parking a golf cart at the start line all day. There are only a few parking spots there, otherwise it's a tow-zone. Please have family or friends drop you at the start line, or just run there! We will start promptly at 745 for ALL distances.

Half the reason to do this event is to meet, or reconnect with, other racers! That's why we are pleased to have Coastal Urge hosting a Social Mixer on Friday from 500 to 630pm with drinks (local keg brew!) and hors d'oeuvres for runners, staff, family, and friends. Everyone PLEASE attend! It's mid-island, easy to find in the shops at Maritime Way, by Maritime Market. It's also a really cool store with lots of outdoor lifestyle clothing and gear on offer.

SUNDAY BREAKFAST: 800 to 1000am
We also hope that everyone will attend the post-race breakfast buffet on Sunday from 800 to 1000am at Maritime Market: The food will be great, and plentiful. Breakfast is complimentary for all registered 51mi/50km racers, and available for $11 to all family, and friends. PLEASE RSVP for the breakfast during Runner Check-In on Friday evening.

The race waiver is available here. Please type in your info and print it NOW, then sign it and bring it along. You will use this to check-in for the race. The second page for donations is, of course, totally optional, but the Bald Head Island Conservancy would really appreciate your support!

Please review the Medical History Form. If you have anything to report, such as drug allergies, diabetes, heart conditions, or other pertinent medical conditions, please fill out the form, print it, and bring it with you to check-in. Basically, state anything that a medical professional show know if something were to happen to you and you were unable to speak for yourself. The forms will be kept confidential and will be shredded after the event.

A few family and friends plan to run the first 12 miles of the race route with the racers on Sunday morning. You have been sending us their names and email addresses and we will send them the waiver/entry form by email today (the same waiver as you will use). This is an unofficial run, with no entry fee and no support except at mile 3/4 and the finish line. Bib numbers will be provided to those who turn in the waiver form, preferably on Friday evening during Runner Check-In.

Keep in mind that Maritime Market closes daily at 700pm, but at 200pm on Sunday. It is located a few doors over from Coastal Urge, mid-island. Be sure to plan for dinner on Friday and breakfast on Saturday accordingly. There is also a café at the market, but it closes earlier. Check out the café menus and such. (There are actual restaurants at the Marina as well.)

A local Southport shuttle service may be of help to some of you. Here's their email:
If folks need a ride to and from Deep Point Marina – whether to/from local hotels or the airport - not a problem. I will be available on Friday, Sunday, Monday to help folks get to/from Deep Point. Cost for local shuttle(within greater Southport) is $15. To/from the airport is $60.00 each way - but if someone commits to a round trip then it would be $100. Best way for them to reach me is through my cell: (910) 742-0083. Your contact can also check our website at:

See you soon, everyone!

Yours in sport,
Chris Kostman,
Chief Adventure Officer and Race Director

March 18, 2014

Hello Badwater Cape Fear Runners and Volunteers! (Please print and bring this with you to the race!)

Here's another big update for you, coming straight from Southport, NC! I've been in NC since Thursday, first in Charlotte for a few days (to attend the North American Handmade Bicycle Show: pix) and then I drove to the coast on Sunday. After two days of rain, today the sun came out! It's a gorgeous setting, even more so with sun and some blue sky. Fingers crossed for Saturday.

Currently it's predicted to be sunny on Friday, but not Saturday, though Saturday may be the warmest day of the week, with a high of 69 (and a low of 54). Here's the weather link.

What does that mean? Come prepared for a wide range of weather, cool in particular! It's up to eight miles between checkpoints, and the weather will vary, so plan on having some clothing options with you at all times, not to mention fluid and calories. This is not a big city marathon with aid provided every mile on the mile. I would highly recommend a hydration pack, or at least one or two hand-held bottles, plus carrying an extra layer, gloves, and hat. Here's the support plan, so you can know what to expect:

Also, don't forget to cancel any housing plans / reservations if you will not attend.

Support Checkpoints will be in three locations, passed a total of six times in the 50km and 10 times in the 51.4-mile:
CP1: Bald Head Island Conservancy: Mile 3, Mile 4, Mile 12, Mile 32, and Finish Line
Access to Drop Bags labeled CP1
CP2: On The Beach, just over half-way to Fort Fisher: Mile 17, Mile 26, Mile 37, Mile 46
Two people with a dark red Land Rover parked on the beach
No Toilets
No Drop Bags
THIS CP WILL CLOSE at 630pm! (So they can catch the last ferry back)
CP3: Fort Fisher State Recreation Area Park Headquarters (Mile 22 and Mile 42)
Access to Drop Bags labeled CP3
THIS CP WILL CLOSE at 600pm! (So they can catch the last ferry back)

The beach stretch is 9.8 miles between CP1 on Bald Head Island and CP3 at Fort Fisher. That means 9.8 miles between toilets. The southern 5.6 miles of those 9.8 miles are essentially desolate and people-free other than runners, while the northern 4.2 miles will have some people fishing and other beach users. What does that mean? Be discreet! Plan on 9.8 miles between "#2" stops!

The beach is wide open: runners can run anywhere on it that is not vegetated. Your path will vary depending on whether the tide is in or not. Also, on the northern end, there will be some people fishing, usually right at the back of their 4x4. Watch for fishing lines there!

(There will also be toilets near the start line, which you will also pass at mile 7.5 during the race.)

Thanks to entrant Tony Portera who put together this outline of approximate mileages between the three CP locations:

Checkpoint Segment Distance Total Distance
Race HQ / CP1 3.2 3.2
Race HQ / CP1 0.9 4.1
Race HQ / CP1 8.1 12.2
On Beach / CP2 5.7 17.9
Ft. Fisher / CP3 4.1 22
On Beach / CP2 4.2 26.2
Race HQ / CP1 5.6 31.8
On Beach / CP2 5.6 37.4
Ft. Fisher / CP3 4.2 41.6
On Beach / CP2 4.2 45.8
Finish Line 5.6 51.4

Please familiarize yourself with the route, so you have a good sense of where you're going on Saturday. (There will be signs directing you on the island for the first twelve miles, then on both ends of the 9.8-mile beach section, but it's always a good idea to know where you're headed. If you want to print out the landmarks, they are attached.) Here is the best map, with mileage markers, plus you can download the GPS file if you wear one and want to use it for tracking your progress.

- Water
- HEED electrolyte drink by Hammer Nutrition. We have three flavors, so you will likely encounter a different flavor at each CP. This will be pre-mixed at the standard concentration. If you want powder to mix up your own in your bottle or pack, just ask.
- Hammer Gel in individual serving packets in six flavors. PLEASE do not drop or throw these anywhere on the beach or race course. They MUST be disposed of properly, along with all other trash, or we will not be invited back!
- Endurolytes electrolyte pills by Hammer Nutrition.
- Clif Shot Bloks in three flavors, one of which has caffeine and one of which has triple sodium
- Coke (at CP1 and CP3, not mid-beach)
- Ginger Ale (at CP1 and CP3, not mid-beach)
- Ginger candies from Trader Joe's
- Mini chocolate/candy bars (like you, or your kids, get at Halloween!)
- Cookies
- Saltine Crackers
- PB&J sandwiches cut in fourths
- Chips
- Pretzels
- Trail Mix
- Bananas
- Oranges
- Supplies such as Sun Block, Vaseline, Handiwipes, Hand Gel, Tums, and Ibuprofen.
- At CP1 (Bald Head Island Conservancy) ONLY, we will have two big pots of yummy soup available from noon to closing: one veggie white bean and one black bean and chicken chili. At this same location ONLY, we will also have various types of pizza from noon to closing. These will be made by the fine chef at Maritime Market on the island.

NOTE: We have no food or nutrition sponsors for this race. We paid for everything we are serving!

For those of you who would like to access personal items (clothing, nutrition, special body lubes, gluten-free yummies, photos of Mommy or Honey, etc) during the race, we will offer drop bag access at two locations. Please read this CAREFULLY NOW if you plan to bring and use drop bags:

1) You need to bring your own bag(s), clearly and securely labeled with your name and bib # (see the online roster for bib numbers), and the location to which the bag should be delivered (CP1 or CP3). If you know you will not want your bag returned, please also label it "DISCARD AFTER USE." Otherwise, your drop bag from CP3 will not be available again until Sunday morning at breakfast.

2) For Drop Bags to be accessed on Bald Head Island at CP1, label with your name/number and CP1. Bring that bag to Runner Check-In on Friday (ideally) or to the start line on Saturday morning (or drop it at the BHI Conservancy that morning, if you are staying near it, on the way to the start line.)

3) For Drop Bags to be accessed at Fort Fisher State Recreation Area at CP3 (the far northern end of the course), label with your name/number and CP3, but DO NOT bring those over to the island. Instead, you need to deliver drop bags to the Hampton Inn in Southport (on the mainland!) by Saturday morning at 600am. FYI, It is 3.7 miles from the Hampton Inn (which is on the far western end of Southport) to the Deep Point Marina, which is where you catch the ferry to Bald Head Island. Here is where you will drop off your CP3 drop bag (if you will use one):

Hampton Inn
5181 Southport Supply Road SE
Southport, North Carolina 28461

Bald Head Island is only reachable via passenger ferry or by private boat. It is not possible to drive to Bald Head Island; in fact, motorized vehicles are not allowed on the island, other than emergency vehicles, contractors, and such.

Ferry Schedule between Southport and Bald Head Island ($25 per person, round-trip)

Ferries depart Deep Water Marina in Southport to Bald Head Island on the hour from 600am to 1100pm on Saturdays.

Ferries depart Bald Head Island to Southport on the half hour from 630am to 1130pm on Saturdays.

Included in the $25 price of the ferry ticket is a tram ride to your actual destination. (You ca buy a "no-frills" ticket with no tram ride for $20.)

- If you are just coming to the race start on Saturday morning, you won't need a tram as it's only a five-minute walk (due east) to the start line at the foot of Old Baldy Lighthouse. Just walk onto the island and look for the lighthouse and head there.
- If you are coming over - and back - on Friday for Check-In (300-500pm) and the Social Mixer at Coastal Urge (500-630pm), either run or take the tram to the Bald Head Island Conservancy, which is on the far end of the island (three miles from the Marina). After you are done at the Conservancy (figure 20 minutes for check-in), you will be 1.5 miles from Coastal Urge, which is right in the middle of the island, next to Maritime Market. You can either walk or run there, or catch a ride from runners who are staying on the island and have golf carts, or even hitch-hike. It's a straight, flat road, and a nice stroll. For that initial tram across the island, the phone number are details are here.
- If you are coming over on Thursday or Friday and staying on the island, you will want to take the tram to your residence. (Each residence has one or two golf carts, so you will use that to get around once you have the keys.) It's a good idea to book a reservation on the tram in advance, so they are expecting to pick you up and take you to your destination. Phone number are details are here.

The island is a municipality. The roads are public roads. The rules of the road apply: you must be licensed (and thus 16 or older) to drive a golf cart, and you can be cited or arrested for the usual no-nos, just like in a real car on the mainland: running stop signs, driving erratically, drunk driving, and the like. Please be cautious in the golf carts. Every year, people fall out of them and suffer injuries, concussions, and even death. Take it seriously, please. Also, if you're bringing kids, don't let them "go crazy" in the carts, nor even drive if they are not 16 or older, and licensed.

You have to bring your stuff over in luggage, bags, boxes, etc., since you can not bring your car. ( Imagine you are flying somewhere; it's kind of like, that, but not so formal or restrictive.) There is a market on the island and lots of restaurants, so you shouldn't need too much stuff or groceries. In terms of your gear, generally you can carry anything you want onto the ferry, as long as you carry it yourself. If it's too big or too much to carry, you can check up to five items per passenger and they will be loaded onto the ferry for you (no charge). Checked items need to be closed up: no open bags, open boxes, bags of golf clubs without a closed top, etc.

Please note there are two different ferry marinas within a mile of one another; don't go to the wrong one. There is the ferry between Southport and Fort Fisher, on which you can take your car, or walk on, and is operated by the North Carolina Department of Transportation. That is NOT the ferry to Bald Head Island! You want to get on the ferry at Deep Point Marina in Southport. Follow the signs. As you enter the complex (speed limit 15), keep in mind that the parking is about a quarter-mile from the ferry terminal. If you have a bunch of stuff to unload, you might want to do that first, then park. Just factor that into your schedule. Otherwise, to park, as you enter the complex, turn left at the first intersection (as you can see the ferry terminal up ahead in front to the right), and go through the arm / gate and get your parking ticket, then park right away on your left. Leave the parking ticket somewhere obvious, so you can find it when you return to pay/exit. Then walk over to the terminal. Keep in mind that the ferries leave PRECISELY ON TIME. Once that horn blows, you can no longer board. So, get there ahead of time, so you have time to unload, park, buy your tickets, and then don't miss the boat! (If you are staying on the mainland, on Saturday morning, please take the 600am boat, so there is no issue with your getting to the start line on time. But you could just "make it" if all goes well, if you take the 700am boat, but NOT if you also still need to check-in for the race. The trip takes 25 minutes.)

Bald Head Island Club is a private club on the island and they offering their guest rate of $95 per day for Cape Fear runners, family, and friends if you'd like to play a round of golf and enjoy the club. More info.

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS (All events and locations are on Bald Head Island, NC)

Friday, March 21
Afternoon Suggestion: Climb to the top of Old Baldy Lighthouse The race will start at its foot.
300-500pm: Racer Check-In at Bald Head Island Conservancy: Racer Mugshots, Goodie Bags, Sign Waivers, etc.
500-630pm: Social Mixer with drinks and hors d'oeuvres at Coastal Urge for runners, staff, family, and friends.

Saturday, March 22 (Updated 3-6-14: we had sunrise and sunset listed wrong by one hour.)
600am or 700am: Runners not staying on Bald Head Island must depart via ferry from Deep Water Marina in Southport. (Ferries depart hourly from SPT to BHI on the hour from 600am to 1100pm on Saturdays.)
628am: Morning Twilight (First light in sky)
713am: Sunrise
715am Late Check-In at the start line for runners who did not come over on Friday to do so. (BUT PLEASE only check-in Saturday if absolutely necessary!)
725am: 700am ferry from Southport arrives; it is a ten-minute walk from the ferry to the race start line at the lighthouse
745am: Race starts at Old Baldy Lighthouse
1200pm (app.): First runners return to BHIC at 50km mark
215pm (app.): First 51.4-mile finishers
345pm: Cut-Off for 51.4-mile finishers to depart BHIC at mile 32 for their second loop to and from Fort Fisher
445pm: Cut-Off for Officially Finishing the 50km Race (9 hour time limit)
725pm: Sunset
750pm: Evening Twilight (Last light in sky)
945pm: 51.4-mile Race Course Closes at BHIC (14 hour time limit)
1130pm: Final ferry departure from BHI (Ferries depart hourly from BHI to SPT on the half hour from 630am to 1130pm on Saturdays.)

Sunday, March 23
800-1000am: Breakfast Buffet at Maritime Market: Breakfast is complimentary for all registered 51mi/50km racers, and available for $11 to all family and friends of runners. The winner of the BHIC Fundraising Challenge will be recognized at this event.
1030am: Depart from Bald Head Island Conservancy for a beach trek along the race route to Fort Fisher (and back, unless you want to take ferry to Southport from Fort Fisher). Why? To enjoy the experience of treking this awesome shoreline, while making sure the beach is left absolutely spotless. Open to runners, staff, family, and friends. Please RSVP on Friday afernoon at Runner Check-In.
Afternoon options: Lay on the beach, go paddle boarding, shop, relax!
500pm: Drinks, then Dinner, at Mojo's On The Harbor. Open to runners, staff, family, and friends (no host).

More to follow in another update by tomorrow! (Including the Waiver and Medical History Form you will need to submit at check-in, Webcast info, and much more)

Thanks for your attentiveness, and see you soon!

Yours in sport,
Chris Kostman,
Chief Adventure Officer and Race Director

March 8, 2014

Hello Badwater Cape Fear runners!

The big race is just two weeks from today. I hope you are as excited as we are!

The March issue of BADWATER magazine, which is focused on the Badwater Cape Fear race, is at the printer now. At 36 pages and in full color, it will be a beautiful keepsake for this incredible race and setting. All racers will all receive a hard copy in your goodie bag at Racer Check-In on Friday, March 21. Meanwhile, you can check out a Pdf version online here.

There should not be anything too surprising in them, but we've put the rules online, just to keep it clear what the expectations are. For many of you, this is your first 50-miler, so welcome to the ultra running tribe, and the Badwater Family, in particular!

Silly me, I neglected to factor Daylight Savings Time, which starts this weekend, into my calculations for sunrise, etc. The race will start at 745am, not 715am, since sunrise is at 713am. The updated schedule is in the magazine, and on the main webpage for the event.

I'm sorry we have not presented any additional information about the proposed 12-mile "fun run" in conjunction with the race. We just have not been able to focus attention on it while developing the event, which, you'll recall, is held 3,000 miles from where we live, and on an island reachable via passenger (not car) ferry only.

At this point, with apologies, there will NOT be an official 12-Mile Adventure Run this year, however we will allow a limited number of friends and family of runners to run the first 12 miles of the main race, starting at the same time. Keep in mind that support (water, snacks, etc) will only be available at mile 4, and then mile 12, in this first part of the race, so plan on carrying what you need between aid stations. (Our next email will include many details about aid stations, what will be served, drop bags, and more.)

Do you have family or friends who want to run the 12-mile unofficial adventure run on Saturday morning, March 22? Please respond ASAP to this email with their names and email addresses for those who want to run this ad hoc 12-mile "adventure run, " so that we know how many runners to expect can plan accordingly.

Be sure to RSVP for the event, introduce yourself, and join the conversation on the Facebook page for this event!

More to follow in the coming ten days. Thanks again for your support and enthusiasm!

Yours in sport,
Chris Kostman,
Chief Adventure Officer and Race Director

January 16 2014

Hello Badwater Cape Fear runners!

We now have 58 runners registered to race, and yesterday we featured Badwater Cape Fear in our email newsletter which went out to 9,5000 adventure athletes. If you're not a subscriber, you can sign up here.

Speaking of promotion, fellow Badwater Cape Fear (and Badwater Salton Sea) runner Bob Becker organizes the Keys 100 and other epic runs in Florida. He recently featured the Badwater Ultra Cup in his email newsletter, which you can read online here.

The Keys 100 takes place May 17-18 and offers 50-mile solo, 100-mile solo, and six-person relay divisions. It's an awesome, super popular race. Check it out at

Can you help us further promote Badwater Cape Fear? We'll email you the press release, with photos and the new logo, in the next hour and would really appreciate it if you forwarded it to your running clubs, running media, favorite blogs, friends and such.

The conversation is heating up over on the Facebook event page, in particular a discussion about housing, sharing homes with one another, and the alternative, staying in Southport.

Not staying on the island? One of our race volunteers, Elie, is the GM at the Hampton Inn in Southport and she has set aside a small block of rooms at a special rate via this link.

Finally, how about that belt buckle? It's featured on the event website and we are particularly excited about it!

Thanks for your enthusiasm!

Chris Kostman
Chief Adventure Officer and Race Director

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