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Badwater Cape Fear Race Rules

General Race Rules

  1. The clock, and the race, start at 745am for all entrants.
  2. There are only two divisions: men's and women's, and two distances: 50km and 51mi.
  3. The clock does not stop for any reason until the race course officially closes after 14 hours.
  4. Wear your assigned race number on the front of the body, visible at all times.
  5. All runners are strongly encouraged to carry a cell phone at all times.
  6. All runners should keep in mind that the race route is largely remote and aid is provided at just three locations along the route; carrying water and food at all times is strongly encouraged.
  7. All running while on pavement must always be single file, on the far left side of the road. Be careful of, and courteous towards, golf carts, shuttles, bicycles, and other vehicles and pedestrians.
  8. Please make your presence known at the three checkpoints located along the route, each time you pass them.
  9. Runners must progress under their own power without drafting, helping, pushing, supporting, or any other type of physical assistance. Racers may only be accompanied by fellow racers. (No pacers are allowed and no outside assistance of any nature may be received except at the Bald Head Island Conservancy checkpoint, except in an emergency.)
  10. Remember, at all times and in all situations, safety is the most important issue. This means safety for racers, volunteers, staff, and the general public. The roads and beaches are not closed for this event.
  11. Please do not litter, mar, or pollute the landscape or environment.
  12. Please must display courtesy, good taste, decorum, and sportsmanship at all times.
  13. In all cases and circumstances, it is the intent, and spirit, of the rules which will govern their implementation and enforcement.
  14. The range of possible penalties for breaking or disregarding rules include time penalties, disqualification, public shunning, loss of friends, humiliation, and/or being forced to swim back to Southport.
  15. The Race Director has the authority, at any time, to overrule any rule or invent a new rule based on extenuating, unforeseen, and/or unusual circumstances and/or to maintain the integrity and fair play necessary for the successful completion, and continuation, of the race. The Race Director has ultimate authority in regards to all rules, their interpretation, and their enforcement. There is no "appeals committee" nor an "appeals process." All entrants in the race willingly acknowledge this fact, as well as all other race rules, by attending the race in any capacity.

Time Limits

1.    The time limit for the 50km race is nine hours.

2.    The time limit for the 51mi race is fourteen hours, with a mandatory intermediate cut-off of eight hours at mile 32 at BHIC. 51mi racers who arrive at mile 32 in more than eight hours (and in less than nine hours), will be recategorized as 50km racers and ranked accordingly.

3.    Racers may change distances during the event, switching from 50km to 51mi, or vice-versa, so long as time cut-offs and limits are respected.

Leaving the Course or Withdrawing

  1. Short cutting is not allowed. There will be no allowance made for lost time or miles run in the wrong direction.
  2. Do not “go missing.” If you must withdraw from the race, please let us know.
  3. All Emergency Evacuation costs for participants will be borne by that person or their heirs. The race organizers are in no way liable or responsible for emergency evacuation.

Legal and Bureaucratic Issues

  1. All racers and must sign the Accident Waiver and Release of Liability / Release of Name and Likeness.
  2. All racers must attend Racer Check-In.
  3. All racers must be willing to submit to a drug urine test before (at any point prior to the race, after being officially confirmed for entry), during (at any time), or after the race (up to 90 days after the conclusion of the race). If any WADA banned substances are detected, the racer will be disqualified from competition, listed as DISQUALIFIED FOR DOPING in the final standings of the race, and banned for life from any AdventureCORPS event. Refusal to submit a urine specimen upon demand will also result in the racer being disqualified from competition, being listed as DISQUALIFIED FOR DOPING in the final standings of the race, and being banned for life from any AdventureCORPS event.