In 2015, Badwater is going to a region of Nepal that even the Nepalese consider remote: The Kingdom of Mustang! It’s a dramatic, gorgeous, and exotic locale unlike anywhere else you’ve ever been, let alone run. You do not want to miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity! To host this race and ensure that the entire trip goes off fabulously, we are partnering with Richard Bull, organizer of Trail Running Nepal and the race director of the Mustang Trail Race and other events. He’s a British expat who has lived in Nepal for many years. His Mustang Trail Race is held annually in April, but in 2015 he will host a special “Badwater Presents” edition of that event in October, just for us. The race field is limited to twenty-five runners and we hope you will be among the lucky few to join in this remarkable experience. Though the race course will be challenging, on rugged terrain at high altitudes, we believe it is the cultural experience that you will remember most, along with the camaraderie with fellow Badwater runners. We are particularly pleased to mention that your Badwater race director, Chris Kostman, will be competing alongside everyone, as will his brother Keith Kostman, who has worked on the Badwater 135 webcast for more than ten years. It’s time for us to get “out there” and run with you!

Track all the racers with live GPS tracking here!