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Entry into BADWATER® Salton Sea

Registration for the 2015 race will open on November 2, 2014. There are no prerequisites to apply, except each entrant must have run at least one 50-miler, or longer, in the past 13 months. (Teams which include a Badwater 135 finisher are given wider latitude.) If you would like to race, please submit your application!

What's included? First and foremost, you can expect a World-Class AdventureCORPS Badwater Event, the experience of a lifetime. Additionally, entry in the race includes:

1) Discount hotel rate at Borrego Springs Resort
2) Racer Check-In and Pre-Race Meeting
3) Spring edition of BADWATER Magazine with maps, route directions, rules, and all necessary information
4) Timing Checkpoints (one or two may be "self-service")
5) Race Officials on the course
6) Limited Medical Support
7) Race Webcast with time splits, Twitter, Instagram, and photos
8) T-shirt to all entrants and 2 crew members per team
9) Custom Finisher's Buckle (pictured above)
10) Post-Race Brunch
11) Nine Badwater 135 Qualifying Slots

Applying to Compete

Detailed information will be required for each of the three team members, but each team member will submit their own information directly. To help avoid confusion, please have the following in order before submitting each team member's application:

1) A specific and unique Team Name which all three applicants will list on their application. This can be modified later, until April 1, if necessary. Please use the exact wording for your team name on each application, including whether or not you use the word "Team" in the name.

2) If you are a veteran of a Badwater or 508 event, our online results database will have assigned you your permanent AdventureCORPS ID #. If you are a Badwater or 508 event veteran, please find and input your official AdventureCORPS ID #, which you can find by searching for your name at this link. Please note that it is extremely important that this number be input accurately (if such a number exists for you). If you have never entered a Badwater or 508 event, you will not yet have an AdventureCORPS ID#. In that case, list 0 as your number.

3) Please submit all three teammates' applications on the same day so that we can review them together.

All Applicants are encouraged to take the application process seriously and compose a detailed and accurate application. Simply put, the applicants with the best applications (in terms of their athletic background, demonstrable commitment to sportsmanship, and in terms of their answers to questions posed on the application) will have the greatest chance of being selected to enter the race. Applications should be written as if the reader has never heard of the applicant and has no prior knowledge of the entrant or any of the events in which he/she has participated, including the various Badwater events. Acronyms and initials should not be used when listing events and such; please type out the full name of any event, person, or place mentioned in the application.

Due to permit, safety, and operational restrictions that limit the field to 35 teams or less, we apologize now that some qualified applicants may not be accepted. We encourage those not invited to attend the race as a crew member, a gratifying experience in itself, as well as an outstanding addition to a future application to compete.

Remember: You must submit DETAILS on your application. For each major race you mention, please include the full race name, race date, race distance, finishing time and place.

Access the application by clicking this logo (registration will open November 2, 2015):

Important Forms to Download, Prepare, and Bring to the Race

Medical History Form (Word doc: all runners)

Waiver (Pdf: all runners, all support crew, all staff)

San Diego County Waiver (all runners)

Check-In Form (Word doc: one per team)