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BADWATER: Salton Sea Route Landmarks

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Route on Strava, recorded during the 2013 race by Jimmy Dean Freeman of the winning Team Coyotes

Detail of the Trail Section of the Route (California Riding and Hiking Trail) on Chris Kostman's Strava

AdventureCORPS Presents Badwater: Salton Sea
0 Salton Sea Start Line at end of Port Avenue
0.65 Left Salton Bay Dr.
0.93 Left Flamingo Ave.
1.1 Cross Yacht Club Dr.
1.22 Road bears right
1.34 Left Salton Bay Dr.
1.7 Right Montego Ave.
1.87 Left Sea View Dr.
2.46 Stay right on Salton Bay Dr.
2.83 Left Honolulu Ave.
3.4 Right Crystal Ave. (T-int)
3.9 Left Sea View Dr. (SS, T-in)
4.27 Right Salton Dr. (SS)
5.8 Right Riviera Circle
6.34 Cross South Marina Dr. (SS)
6.5 Veer right towards wash (off-road)
6.65 Cross under CA 86
6.7 Left Service Rd.
6.93 Right Borrego Springs Seaway / S22 (Last Gas until Borrego Springs)
10.4 Cross Bantsch Trail (first climb)
14.4 Time Station 1: USN Microwave Tower
17.1 Big Scenic Overlook on Right
19.3 Mile Marker 34
23.15 Big walled pullout on left
25.3 Anza-Borrego State Park sign (facing opposite)
26.3 Mile Marker 27
27.5 Pass Henderson Canyon Rd,
28.3 Mile Marker 25
29.15 Mile Marker 24
30 Road bear right, becomes Palm Canyon Dr.
31.35 Borrego Valley Airport & restaurant on right
32.75 Left Borrego Valley Rd. (SS)
34.46 Right Tilting T Dr.
35.07 Right into Borrego Springs Resort
35.23 Time Station 2: at resort lobby
  U-turn here 
35.4 Right Tilting T Dr. (SS)
36.6 Right Borrego Springs Rd. (SS)
38.3 Left at Christmas Circle (runners may cut the corner)
38.6 Pass The Mall: Café, Outfitters in back
38.8 Last Chance for GAS!
39.75 Left Montezuma Valley Road / S22
40.55 Time Station 3: Right into dirt parking lot 
40.6 Enter California Right and Hiking Trail
App. 46.0 Time Station 4: Pass east end of Culp Valley Fire Road
48.5 Rejoin paved Montezuma Valley Road: go uphill
48.8 Summit of Montezuma Valley Road
50.2 Time Station 5: Ranchita Store on Right by "Rancheti"
50.35 Fire Station
55.25 Right S2 (T-int; yield)
59.9 Left SR 79 (SS, T-int)
61.6 Mataguay Scout Ranch on left
62.2 100km Mark! Huge gravel pullout on right
63.35 CA DOT "Lake Henshaw" HQ on right
64.2 Right on SR 76
67 Viewpoint / Call Box / Large pullout on right
68 Time Station 6: Lake Henshaw Resort on left / Store / Fire Station
68.75 Right S7 / East Grade Road
70.55 Mile Marker 1.8
72.8 Mile Marker 4.0: View of the Pacific!
76.8 Mile Marker 8.0
79.9 Stay left at Fire Station (just after Mile Marker 11)
Note: Please text finish line HQ to announce impending arrival
80.1 Stay straight onto S6 at four-way stop sign
80.13 Left on State Park Rd. just before store / Mother's Kitchen
80.83 Turn right at 33350 Upper Meadow Road 92060
81 Finish Line at Upper Meadow Lodge
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