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Chris Moon leaves Lone Pine and heads ever upwards, en route to a 30th place finish in 53:48.

"Being someone who is not over emotive and a great advocate of the principle that there are times when we all need a good haircut and a kick up the arse (pardon my language), I would like to make an observation which I find fascinating and it's this: I am somebody who is obviously disabled and I have no problem dealing with it, but the place where I feel most accepted, relaxed, and where it's not an issue is among a group of ultra-marathoners. Rational analysis would suggest that this might be one of the last places where somebody with a disability would feel at home. The reason I think it's not issue is because ultra people tend to believe in the spirit of endurance and doing your best and think it's the person inside that matters."

-Chris Moon

Hi-Tec Badwater 1999 - Digital Slideshow ©AdventureCORPS/Chris Kostman