Badwater Training, Nutrition, Preparation, & Equipment

Special thanks to Gillian Robinson and Don Lundell of ("Stuff For People Who Run") for their support of the race, their donation of foot care kits to all race entrants, and for hosting a great online store where you can buy shirts, Moeben Sleeves, hats, DVDs, posters and essential technical gear for The World's Toughest Foot Race.

Books About Badwater

Check out this comprehensive list of titles that are either about the Badwater Ultramarathon or are authored by Badwater veterans and feature Badwater. Includes easy links to online merchants. Happy reading!

Surviving Badwater

"Badwater and Extreme Event Survival" by eleven-time official finisher Arthur Webb
"Badwater Blues: Why does every year seem tougher than the last?" by Dean Karnazes, four-time finisher
"The Wall" by Michael Bane. Originally published in Men's Fitness. Learn how not to hit the wall!
"Badwater Ultramarathon Pace Chart" by Scott McQueeney

Support Crews, Support Vehicles, and What to Bring

"Lessons Learned at Badwater" by Amanda McIntosh: Hammer Nutrition athlete, coach, and crew person for 2010 finisher Doug Ratliff
"The Meaning of Support Crews" by 2006 finisher David Bursler
"Badwater Crewing Tips" Video, by two-time crew member, and 2008 entrant, Jaqueline Florine
"What to Bring" by Don Lundell and Gillian Robinson, Badwater Finishers and proprietors of
"Selecting and Setting Up Your Support Van" photo essay by Greg Minter, three-time finisher
"Vehicle Set-Up and Staying Cool at Badwater" photo essay by Greg Minter, three-time finisher

Foot Care and Skin Care For Badwater

"Getting Your Feet to the Starting Line" by Gillian Robinson and Don Lundell, Badwater finishers and proprietors of
"Foot Care for Badwater Ultramarathon" by Gillian Robinson and Don Lundell, Badwater finishers and proprietors of
"Foot Care" by John Vonhof
JOHN VONHOF, FOOT GURU: Ultra runners, adventure racers, triathletes, and especially Badwater Runners should know the life, work, and insights which John Vonhof has to share on the subject of feet, shoes, and foot care. He's literally written the book on the subject, "Fixing Your Feet." John has also been an important member of the Badwater Race Staff in recent years and I'm sure that many runners can give thanks to John for allowing them to finish the race when their feet had other ideas in mind. John also maintains a very informative blog which all athletes should consult regularly.
"Blister Care" by Denise Jones, three-time finisher
"Are You Giving Your Skin Enough Love?" By Jordan D. Metzl, MD
"Skin Care: Endurace Athletes' Secrets on Sun Safety"

Heat Training and Preparation Articles

Note: always review any new training plan, system, or methodology with your doctor before you begin., a free resource for hot weather athletes
"How to Adapt to the Heat for Summer Runs" by Allison Pattillo
Tim Kjenstad, 2006 official finisher, gets creative with heat training
"The Dangers of Hot Weather Running: Dehydration, Heat Cramps, Heat Exhaustion, Heatstroke & Hyponatremia" by Claudio Piepenburg
"Dangers of Running in the Heat" by Jason Hodde, 2006 Badwater finisher
"Heat training in the Sauna" by Arthur Webb, eleven-time finisher
"A Perspective on Pre-Race Heat Training" by Stephen Simmons, 1999 finisher
"Heat Training Anaylzed" by Stephen Simmons, 1999 finisher
"Heat Training and Conditioning" by Ben Jones, M.D., three-time finisher
"Training for Badwater" by Angela Brunson, a rookie finisher in 2002
"Medical Risks in the Badwater Ultramarathon"

 Nutrition and Hydration Article

Nutrient-tracking spreadsheet in XLSX or XLS format: calculate both calorie and Na intake per mile and per hour, given inputs of time and number of servings of various specified fuels. Created by Badwater veteran Dave Remington. Click here to read his very informative report on nutrient-tracking.

 The Badwater Way of Life

"Ten Steps on the Endurance Path" (running-specific version), by Chris Kostman, Marathon & Beyond, July / August 2008.
"The Endurance Path Revisited: Dumb Things Cyclists and other Ultra Athletes Think & Do," by Chris Kostman, Endurance News, #59, July 2008.
"A Prescription for Lifelong Living" feature on Ben Jones from the March 2006 issue of Men's Health Best Life magazine, by Jeffrey J. Cstari
"Planet Ultra: It's Just an Attitude" by Chris Kostman
"Pain and Suffering: a Blueprint for Mastery" (2008 version) by Chris Kostman
"Fuel for the Finish Line: Eight Lessons to Get You There" by Chris Kostman
"A Plea for Eating with a Purpose" by Chris Kostman
"Cross-Training for Life: the Way of the Outdoor Athlete" by Chris Kostman
"The Way of the Outdoor Athlete" (2009 version) by Chris Kostman
"A Day in the Life of an Adventure Athlete" by Chris Kostman
"The Seven Pillars of Athletic Performance: Efficiency in Action" (2009 version) by Chris Kostman
"A Fitness Warrior's Guide to Daily Life: 70 Things to Do or Know on the Path to Excellence" by Chris Kostman
"Super Human Potential: domain of the illuminati or of the common folk?" by Chris Kostman
"Pondering Peaceful Warriorship: A Conversation with Dan Millman" by Chris Kostman

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